Greenville, MS: Council passes stricter BSL

Greenville, MS, has had breed-specific rules for “pit bull” owners since 2004—though the BSL hasn’t solved their problems with irresponsible owners and vicious dogs. Last week, council considered and approved revisions to the pit bull and vicious dog ordinances that make the breed-specific rules even more strict.

You may read the dog ordinance revisions here (July 5 council agenda):

New laws for pit bulls

Posted: July 10, 2011 03:04 AM

GREENVLLE, Miss. (AP) – Greenville pit bull owners will need to start keeping their pets on a shorter leash.

The Delta Democrat Times reports that the city council has approved some changes to previous ordinances to toughen rules on how a pit bull is confined, the distance one can be walked around certain areas, registration of pit bulls, fines and impoundment fees. […]

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