Haskell, AR: Town asks for public input on proposed breed ban, July 11

Haskell, AR, city council is seeking input from locals and residents regarding their proposal to ban “pit bulls” (to include American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and all dogs of similar appearance). The public hearing will take place on Monday, July 11, at 6:30 PM at Haskell City Hall, 2520 N. Hwy. 229, Benton, AR.

City of Haskell, AR
Phone: 501-776-2666
Fax: 501-776-1201

Jeff Arey, Mayor, mayor@cityofhaskell.org
Laura Dempsey, Administrative Assistant, administrative@cityofhaskell.org
Josh Meadows, Animal Control, animalcontrol@cityofhaskell.org
City Council members
Ronnie Ballard, bfd_ballard@yahoo.com
Rose Marie Wilkinson
Brad Graham, coachbdg@yahoo.com
Allan Nash
Dwayne Hippensteel, hippensteelCD@aol.com
Gary Vice
Hal Baker
Ray Bennett

Most council members have not provided working email addresses. However, you may send your correspondence via the Mayor’s fax number or email with a polite request to forward it on to them.

Email block for cut and paste (note not all city council members have email)
mayor@cityofhaskell.org; administrative@cityofhaskell.org; animalcontrol@cityofhaskell.org; bfd_ballard@yahoo.com; coachbdg@yahoo.com; hippensteelCD@aol.com

All alerts for Haskell: http://stopbsl.com/?s=haskell

Haskell town hall meeting set Monday on dog ban

July 7, 2011
BY HOLLAND DORAN, newseditor@bentoncourier.com

Haskell City Council has called a town hall meeting for Monday to hear comments from residents on amending the city’s animal control ordinance, the possibility of banning the pit bull breed of dog inside the city limits and redefining how a dog is deemed vicious. […]

In order to have a productive meeting, the council has established the following rules:

•Those wishing to comment must sign a sheet giving name and address.

•Persons wishing to comment will be called in the order that they signed the sheet and they must stand at the podium to speak and address the audience,

•Each person will be allowed to speak for three minutes with additional time possibly given if the time allows.

•Orderly conduct will be expected by attendees. […]

Full article retrieved 7/9/11 from http://www.bentoncourier.com/content/haskell-town-hall-meeting-set-monday-dog-ban


One response to “Haskell, AR: Town asks for public input on proposed breed ban, July 11

  1. here is a fact! i have always been totally phobia of all dogs! however a very great friend of mine had to move into the russellville city limits and asked me to take his American Staffordshire Terrier!! so i did and he is indeed the very best dog/friend i could ever have had the privileged of experiencing in life! threw my life experiences i have “NEVER” been threatening by a pit bull,,,,,,,,but many times other breeds have attacked me with no reason!