Savannah, GA: Citizens call for BSL, gather petition signatures

Update 7/22/11: The group claims to have collected 1,000 signatures in support of BSL. The petition will be presented to city council today.

Residents in and around Savannah, please attend upcoming city council meetings to help guide city council response away from breed-specific laws and toward effective breed-neutral options.

Town hall meeting tonight, July 13, 7 PM at Savannah Civic Center.
City Council meeting July 14 and July 28, 2 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, Second Floor.

Contact info for city council
Mayor Otis Johnson, Ph.D,
Edna B. Jackson,
Jeff Felser,
Van R. Johnson, II,
Mary Osborne,
Larry Stuber,
Mary Ellen Sprague,
Clifton Jones, Jr.,
Tony Thomas,

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Savannah pit bull attacks spark response

Posted: July 13, 2011 – 12:24am
By Eric Curl and Jan Skutch

[…] Cheryl LaBon, founder and CEO of Women of Wisdom, said her group wants to gather 1,000 signatures by Friday on a “Justice for Javon Petition” to require pit bull owners to keep their dogs in 8-by-12 foot pens in yards in neighborhoods where children 15 and younger live.

Those petitions will be presented to Savannah officials on Monday, she said. City officials previously have said they are reviewing local dog ordinances.[…]

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5 responses to “Savannah, GA: Citizens call for BSL, gather petition signatures

  1. The headline of this article led me to believe that GA citizens actually want BSL, but when I read the article it said that the citizens wanted to steer lawmakers away from BSL’s towards Neutral breed legislation.

    • Kevin–

      A group of citizens in Savannah, GA, have created and are circulating a petition in support of BSL (see news article excerpt included in post for more details). Thus, the headline.

      StopBSL is asking residents to please attend the town hall / city council meetings and speak against this petition and in support of breed-neutral measures instead. Thus, the first paragraph.

  2. Kevin – The petition is to create a BSL in Savannah and make all pitbull owners place their beloved furbaby into a chainlink cell. The part in which you are refering to is that the Humane Society for Greater Savannah and another group is just trying to get stiffer leash laws and so on. Maybe you thought they were in fact the same group but they are NOT!

  3. TO anyone in opposition of BSL in Savannah, here is a petition AGAINST it.
    I can’t think of anything worse than requiring a dog to reside in a chain link cage full time.

  4. I live in savannah and am a pitbull owner and will be in attendance at the meeting on July 28th. I already have a large knowledge of the breed, but i was wondering if you guys could help me out and send me some more facts, because I know going in there with a bleed heart will not help. my email is, and my phone number is [edited to remove phone num—-].