Trumann, AR: “Pit bulls” now banned

Trumann, AR, has had a breed-specific law in place for many years (all “pit bulls” are regulated as “vicious” dogs). The BSL has apparently not had any good effect on their dog control issues, so last night the city council voted to ban “pit bulls” instead. There is a grandfather clause, but owners of grandfathered “pit bulls” are subject to heavy ownership restrictions.

Going back in my files, it appears that Trumann has occasionally considered an all-out ban since at least 2006. The officials’ reasoning for the ban has consistently been that “pit bull” owners aren’t complying with the vicious dog law—therefore, a ban is necessary. Officials seem to feel that the same scofflaws that couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the old breed-specific restrictions will suddenly become fine law-abiding citizens now that the new ban is in place.

Trumann City Hall
Mayor: Sheila Walters
Clerk: Marlene Hancock
P.O. Box 100, Trumann, AR 72472
Phone 870.483.5355
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Trumann bans pit bulls from city limits

Posted: Jul 13, 2011 12:11 PM CDT
By Josh Harvison

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) – […] Members of the council voted in favor of an ordinance to amend Ordinance #499 regarding vicious or dangerous animals. Among the changes in the ordinance include the banning of specific breeds.

“We had a vicious dog ordinance for several years, however, we didn’t feel like it was strong enough,” said [Mayor] Walters.

According to language in the ordinance, all American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and other specific breeds will be banned from the city limits. Other animal limitations include animal fighting or attack training.

Section I of the ordinance permits owners to “grandfather” their pit bull pets into the city if they register the animal with the Trumann Animal Control Office within 60 days.[…]

Walters said residents have not abided by other vicious dog ordinances. […]

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3 responses to “Trumann, AR: “Pit bulls” now banned

  1. when will people finally realize that its not the dog but the owners who have given this dog such a bad rap. the pitbull has a 90% passer rating in aggression tests surpassing 122 other breeds that are not considered dangerous. get it right people it is irrresponsible owners not the breed

  2. I understand that laws are made to help protect people, but this is ridiculous! I have had pit bulls forever and they are smart, loyal, truly loving animals. I am getting sick of cities banning pit bulls! I have known many people attacked by many different breeds of dogs. Why are they not banning all dogs? Hell, my cats attack my pit bulls as well as me and my kids. Let’s ban them too! I wish it was as easy to ban murderers, druggies, rapists, etc. I do understand how upset I would be IF my pit attacked someone. But banning them? We should ban ALL people because so many people have been attacked (or worse) by people. I would rather live in a city full of pit bulls than with these jerks who think they should be banned!

  3. CitizenNotASubject

    Well now . . . how IGNORANT of a City Council. It is now time to take to that same Council the list of people that have committed violent crimes in the City and have them banned along with their seeds of course . . . Banning a breed of dog is no different than banning a race of people . . . SHAME GOES TO THE IGNORANCE INVOLVED HERE AND THOSE THAT SUPPORTED SAME.