Charles County, MD: Citizens object to proposed BSL, discussions moved to Sept

Charles County, MD, held a work session last night on proposed animal ordinance revisions that include breed-specific language. Dozens of citizens attended the work session to object to BSL. The commissioners also acknowledged a high volume of correspondence in opposition to the proposal. The proposal generated so much opposition that the commissioners decided to extend the work session to tonight so that all participating citizens could have their say (presumably during the Public Forum at 5:00 PM today, July 27). The Charles County Board of Commissioners plans to discuss this proposal again in September. StopBSL will check the posted agendas and will issue an alert when it appears on the agenda again.

Surprisingly, news media coverage of this proposal has been largely non-existent. The Charles County news media did not mention the proposal or the upcoming work session, nor has it mentioned the results of the work session. Thankfully, in spite of media silence, residents got tipped off by other sources and turned up in large number.

StopBSL would like to commend the efforts of the residents (and nonresidents) who passed around the initial alert, who attended the meeting, and who reported on the meeting’s results. Particularly in the absence of media coverage, clearinghouses like StopBSL rely heavily on residents and locals to report on BSL-related issues.

You may read the full ordinance here:$file/Bill%20Number%202011-07%20Animal%20Control%20Regulations.pdf

Contact information for Charles County Commissioners:
Attn: Charles County Board of Commissioners
Post Office Box 2150
La Plata, Maryland 20646-2150
301-645-0550 or 301-870-3000
Entire Commission:
President Candice Kelly,
VP Reuben Collins,
Ken Robinson,
Debra Davis,
Bobby Rucci,

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One response to “Charles County, MD: Citizens object to proposed BSL, discussions moved to Sept

  1. Chipping away at our constitution! One more invasion of our rights. It is so unconstitutional, that it defies logic and reason. Stop the madness. Punish the deed not the breed