Haskell, AR: Proposed breed ban draws protest

Haskell, AR, city council heard public comments regarding a possible breed ban during the July 11 council meeting. Mayor Jeff Arey recently sent an email describing the results of the meeting:

The Public Meeting was very productive.   Between 40 and 50 people attending the meeting and 11 spoke.  All of the speakers were against any Breed Specific Ban, but were in favor of stricter rules regarding dangerous or vicious animals.  In the Council meeting that followed discussion made it clear that after hearing viewpoints of the public that the Council were not looking towards any BSB.  I am working on a draft Ordinance that will NOT include any BSB  but will define how a dog is deemed “Dangerous” and what the criteria is for keeping that animal in Haskell  and  how a dog is deemed “Vicious”.

Please note that while a breed ban appears to be off the table in Haskell, it is not yet clear whether the future animal ordinance will be breed specific in another way.

StopBSL is doing its best to follow the developments in Haskell, but news coverage has been minimal, and the city website’s posted council agendas are out of date. If you are a local or resident in or near Haskell, please help us track upcoming council meetings on this topic! Send alerts and information to stopbsl.com@gmail.com.

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