Effects of BSL: Rescue groups struggle to save targeted dogs

Two recent articles examine the effects that BSL has had on adoption and rescue efforts for homeless dogs, in Ohio and Ontario respectively.

Ohio state law considers all “pit bulls” to be “vicious” dogs. Ohio shelters and rescue groups have a difficult time finding new homes for “pit bulls” because of the added restrictions on “pit bull” ownership.

‘Pit bull’ status at pounds often means death


WASHINGTON — […] Strict state laws regarding ownership of “pit bulls” coupled with widespread public mistrust of the general breed have made it extremely difficult to find homes for these animals. That, together with an overabundance of “pit bulls” because of overbreeding and abandonment, means that when such dogs enter a pound they are the least likely to leave. […]

Full article retrieved 8/1/11 from http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2011/07/31/Untitled-BR81C7OU-07S.html

In Ontario, Canada, “pit bulls” are banned, but banned dogs can be moved out of Ontario into areas of Canada where they are not banned. The result is a sort of “underground railroad” for dogs. Calgary groups have put forth notable efforts to get dogs out of Ontario and into new homes.

Calgarians help rescue banned Ont. pit bulls

Michael Wood, Calgary Sun
First posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 3:08:32 MDT PM

For the huddled masses of pitbulls yearning to breathe free from Ontario’s strict breed ban, Alberta might just be their Liberty Island.

Canine refugees — victims of Breed Specific Legislation that has effectively banned their kind since 2005 — have been finding new homes in the prairies where they are welcomed with open arms.[…]

Full article 8/1/11 from http://www.calgarysun.com/2011/07/31/calgarians-help-rescue-banned-ont-pit-bulls

Both articles share a common theme: breed-specific laws are not only ineffective at improving public safety, they also condemn innocent pets to death. BSL adds another layer of difficulty onto the struggles of shelters and rescue groups who are trying to save adoptable dogs.

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