Town of Ladysmith, BC, Canada: Council creates exemption to BSL

The town of Ladysmith currently has breed-specific language that considers all “pit bulls” to be “restricted breeds.” In January, two residents with bull terriers asked the town to repeal the BSL. The town council decided not to repeal; instead, they now allow dogs to become exempt from the breed-specific restrictions if the dogs pass the good neighbor course offered by the Canadian Kennel Club (similar to the Canine Good Citizen test offered by the AKC).

Even with the exemption, Ladysmith’s bylaw is still a highly discriminatory law based solely on a dog’s appearance. An exemption is not an acceptable solution to discrimination; the law is not applied to all dogs and all dog owners equally.

Owners able to walk unmuzzled pooches thanks to new bylaw

Dogs certified by Canadian Kennel Club can get exemptions


[…] Dogs considered dangerous under the bylaw, such as pit bulls and similar breeds, certified by the Canadian Kennel Club good neighbour course qualify for the exemption. […]

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