Niles Township, MI: Town considers ordinance that prohibits breed discrimination

**Not to be confused with Niles, MI**

Update 9/20/11: The ordinance was passed with some changes. I have not confirmed whether the prohibition against breed discrimination remains intact; but I have not read anything that suggests it was removed.

Niles Township, MI, is considering a new animal control ordinance after a loose dog attacked a cat and another dog. While such incidents, when committed by certain types of dogs, usually inspire breed-specific ordinances, the draft ordinance currently being worked on in Niles Township says just the opposite.

The current draft reads: “No animal shall be found to be a dangerous animal solely because it is a particular breed.”

This is currently a draft. The township board supervisor advises that the draft is undergoing changes; he hopes to have a final draft ready for a first reading at the August 15 township board meeting.

Please write the Township and show your support for breed-neutral language. Encourage them to keep this prohibition against breed discrimination!

Contact info for Niles Township
Jim Kidwell, Supervisor,
Marge Durm-Hiatt, Clerk,
Jim Ringler,
Richard Noble,
Richard Cooper,
August Kuehn,
Gary Conover,

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Thanks to Regina for the heads up!

2 responses to “Niles Township, MI: Town considers ordinance that prohibits breed discrimination

  1. amber hichmott

    I now for a matter of fact that its not the breed of the dog, it is how the dog is raised and treated. I had a chow chow for 11 blessings years. She never once bit, growled or attempted to attack a single person or animal. She was a very loyal dog and everyone loved her. I also have a friend of the family who have 2 pits and they are little babies. I have have family members own chawawas and poodles they have bitten and snipped at people. But they have never been bread outlawed. So if you want to out law someone then make it bad owners not dog breeds

  2. Tammie Gebhart

    I agree. Narrowing bad dogs down to a breed is uterly rediculous. Some of the best dogs that I have ever had have been pit mixes. They are very loyal, obeient and most loving dogs I have ever had the pleasure to have. They were always great with my daughter from infant up to know and they are even good with cats. The love to play with other dogs so much, but the media has put so much fear into the publics minds that they are judging our dogs from the minute the see them. So many people already have been successful in creating BSI (Breed Specific Ignorance) that this is a hard fight. We can make it an equal one though, everyone who gets bit by any dog and yes, I mean even that sweet, cute, little toy dogs that couldn’t hurt a fly. The dogs need to be reported too. I’ll bet many of you pit bull haters would be suprized to see how many bites accually come from pit and pitmixes. Do you know why you don’t hear about all of the little dogs that have bitten and attacted people. It becuase it doesn’t get reported. But by golly, when a pittie attacted the media is there first hand and to not only get the story, but in most cases make it worse than it truely is. I would never want anyone to get bit by any dog, but we have to be realistic. PITBULLS are not the problem. Owners need to take care and responibility of their dogs pitty or not. Dogs who are raises as members of the family and socialized with other animals will behave as such a great dog by thier sides. This goes from the wonderful Pit Bull and Bully type dogs down to the smallest little toy poodle. Just make sure the facts are there, fair and very clear. Don’t outcast a breed just because everyone is so quick to jump on the “NO PITTIE” ban wagon.