Vancouver, WA: City workshop to discuss proposed ordinance revisions, Aug 8

Although Vancouver, WA, has publicly called off plans to ban “pit bulls,” breed-specific restrictions of some kind have not been officially nixed. The city council is holding a work session on Monday, Aug 8, at 4:00 PM in council chambers to discuss recommendations made by city staff. Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the work session to determine whether any ordinance revisions will be breed specific.

Following the work session, at 6:30 PM, the city council will hold a consent agenda meeting that ends with a citizen forum. The public may speak to the council on any topic during the citizen forum.

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Council meetings take place in Council Chambers, City Hall, first floor, 210 East 13th Street. 

Workshop Agenda from

WORKSHOPS (City Council Chambers)

4:00-5:00 p.m. Animal Ordinance Updates

In May, 2011, the Vancouver City Council adopted amendments to the City’s Animal Ordinance, VMC 8.24 VMC, which brought the City and County penalties for noncompliance into alignment. During the process of developing those changes, staff from the City and from Clark County Animal Protection and Control identified a number of other provisions of the City Animal Ordinance which needed updating. The City’s Animal Ordinance has not had a general review since the mid-1980’s.

Staff has been meeting since May to further fine-tune proposed changes. Their recommendations were presented to and unanimously endorsed by the Clark County Animal Protection and Control Advisory Board July 28th. Staff will now review with Council the recommended changes to the City’s Animal Ordinance and seek Council direction. (Judy Zeider, Chief Assistant City Attorney, 487-8521; Paul Scarpelli, Clark County Animal Protection and Control Manager, 397-2375 ext. 4705)

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