Vancouver, WA: Strict breed-neutral dog ordinance in the works

Faced with strong, organized public protest, Vancouver, WA, city council backed away from plans for a breed ban, and appears to be pursuing a strict—but breed-neutral—dangerous dog ordinance instead.

The new ordinance will be read during the Sept. 12 council meeting, and a public hearing and council vote may take place as early as Sept. 19. Council meetings take place in Council Chambers, City Hall, first floor, 210 East 13th Street. The public is encouraged to attend these council meetings to offer feedback on the proposal.

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City mulls strict dangerous dog policy

Unprovoked attacks could lead an animal to be banned from Vancouver

By Andrea Damewood, Columbian Staff Reporter
Monday, August 8, 2011

[…] The policy wouldn’t ban pups who, unprovoked, make a minor nip that barely breaks the skin. Those dogs would be named “potentially dangerous.” But if that dog does it again, it could be labeled a dangerous dog — and would no longer be allowed in Vancouver. Or, if a dog with no previous history of aggression, unprovoked, inflicts severe injury — broken bones or disfiguring lacerations that need multiple sutures or plastic surgery — or kills a domestic animal or livestock, it too could be deemed a dangerous dog and could no longer be kept in Vancouver.

The policy the city council discussed would make Vancouver’s law stricter than those in unincorporated Clark County. […]

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