Fontana, CA: Breed-specific MSN passed

This appears to be a case of “the county did it, so we should too.” California state law prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws, except for breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter.

Although it is a done deal, if you wish to contact the mayor and council, you can find their contact information here:

Fontana enacts new pit bull law

Jim Steinberg, Staff Writer
Posted: 08/10/2011 06:32:02 PM PDT

FONTANA – The City council, by a 5-0 vote, has passed an ordinance requiring all owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixed breed to spay or neuter their dog before it reaches the age of four months.

The ordinance mirrors a law San Bernardino County enacted several years ago and adopted by many area cities.[…]

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One response to “Fontana, CA: Breed-specific MSN passed

  1. I live in Fontana, and I had no idea they were even considering this. I’m not surprised, though. I have no idea who voted for the current mayor/city council, but I didn’t. I voted, of course, but I steered clear of these idiots. Since they were elected, our city has been going downhill. The school system is a mess, roads and sidewalks are falling apart, city services are nearly non-existent, and now this. I sincerely hope those who voted for them see the error of their ways and make sure they are not re-elected.