City of Sonoma, CA: Councilmember to push for BSL or ban

**Not to be confused with Sonoma County, CA**

Sonoma council member Joanne Sanders has asked city staff to research the possibility of breed-specific regulations or a ban on “pit bulls.” California state law prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws, with the exception of breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. City staff is therefore likely to suggest breed-specific MSN.

Please note that breed-specific MSN, like any breed-specific law, targets dogs based on their looks, and has all the flaws and quandaries of any law based solely on a dog’s appearance. Breed-specific laws of any kind, including BS-MSN, are not an ethical or effective solution.

Contact information for Sonoma City Council
City Council, City of Sonoma, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma CA 95476
City Clerk: (707) 933-2216
Steve Barbose,
Ken Brown,
Laurie Gallian,
Joanne Sanders,
Tom Rouse,

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The regular meetings of the Sonoma City Council are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:00 PM. Next council meeting: September 7.

Council agendas:

Sonoma councilwoman wants crackdown on pit bulls

Published: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 5:13 p.m.

A Sonoma councilwoman said she wants the city to reconsider regulating pit bulls and other dog breeds after a pregnant Pacifica woman was mauled to death last week by her family pet.

Joanne Sanders asked city staff at Monday’s City Council meeting to research options for regulating what she called vicious dogs.

In an interview Tuesday, Sanders said she personally supports banning pit bulls within city limits.

“I think pit bulls are a great start,” she said.

Sanders said the city previously considered but failed to enact legislation regulating certain dog breeds. […]

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3 responses to “City of Sonoma, CA: Councilmember to push for BSL or ban

  1. You know what, I’m standing by the idea that any person who thinks that BSL is ok and not discriminatory is just downright stupid. It’s completely asinine, and then the people want to say that they have no elitism or racism in them. If you can punish an entire breed for what some dogs do, then why not imprison all black men because some commit crimes? I mean, that is the stupid stereotype right, black men steal and sell drugs? Or eliminate the clergy in the Catholic church because some of them have molested children. This “stop the crime before it happens” nonsense is completely ignorant and judgmental. And in the meantime, there are little dogs out everywhere that bite every day and no one pays any attention. Stop eliminating every danger there is in the world. They’re there for a reason, natural selection. If people continue to be stupid and teach these dogs to be violent, and we let the people get away with it, then the people will continue to do the same stupid, harmful behavior. Create laws against unregistered breeding and enforce the ones about maltreatment and abuse if you want to stop the crime before it happens.

  2. Julie McClain

    don’t punish the breed for irresponsible ownership! Pits are not vicious by nature. They are made that way by abuse and neglect. Pits have historically been called the “nanny breed” for their love of family and children. Remember the dog in Little Rascals? He was a Pit! Please consider instead, harsher punishments for animal abuse and cruelty!