Lisbon, IA: Breed ban to be introduced, Aug 22

The Lisbon, Iowa city council will likely introduce an ordinance to ban “pit bulls” during the August 22 council meeting at 7:00 p.m, in council chambers, City Hall, 115 N Washington, Lisbon, IA 52253.

The city does not reportedly have any problems with “pit bulls,” and the most recent two dogs declared vicious under current law due to biting were a Labrador and a Rat Terrier. However, the council is fearful of “pit bulls” and considers the ban to be a “proactive” measure. Rottweilers are a potential future target, but apparently are not currently included in the proposed ban.

Lisbon City Hall, 115 N Washington, P.O. Box 68, Lisbon, IA 52253
Telephone: 319-455-2459
Fax: 319-455-2470

Mayor Rex Cook,
City Administrator Chris Yancey,
City Clerk Tawnia Kakacek,
(You may send council correspondence to the city clerk and request that it be distributed to the council.)
Council members: John Bardsley, Larry McAtee, Travis Jubeck, Lance Zerbe, Doug Kamberling

Lisbon considers pit bull ban

August 19, 2011 · Jake Krob

[…] Council members unanimously approved having city administrator Chris Yancey add to the city’s dog ordinance language from City of Rolfe, which states that it’s “unlawful to keep, board or kennel or in any way possess within the corporate limits of the city any pit bull dogs.”

Rolfe’s ordinance also clearly defines what a pit bull is, including mixed breed pit bulls and “any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breed ….”[…]

McAtee said he was for the banning of certain breeds like pit bulls and rottweiler because “these breeds are known to be the type that will lock on” if attacking someone.

Mayor Rex Cook agreed.

“A pit bull is bred for one thing – that’s fighting and killing,” he said. […]

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2 responses to “Lisbon, IA: Breed ban to be introduced, Aug 22

  1. This is a public accusation by the city of Pit Bull owners of the intention to make a killing with their dogs.

  2. Apparently the ignorant individuals who sit on the council have never met an American Pit Bull Terrier, nor have they any respect for Americas original family pet. These actions are the exact same that led to the holocaust. Eradicate what you believe to bewrong. I bet blacks and Hispanics are banned in the city limits too, cause we all know they’re the only criminals.(last comment is pure sarcasm for those of you too dumb to get it… ie… city council members)