Jasper, AL: Committee recommends BSL, council to discuss Sept 6

A Jasper committee has recommended breed-specific regulations (not a breed ban) to the council. Three breeds are confirmed to be restricted, but the specific breeds have not been publicized yet. The council is expected to read and discuss the recommended ordinance during the Sept 6 council meeting.

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Contact info for mayor and city council:
Mailing Address:
City of Jasper, Alabama, P. O. Box 1589, Jasper, Alabama 35502-1589
Street Address:
Jasper City Hall, 400 West 19th Street, Jasper, Alabama 35501
Phone: 205-221-2100
Mayor, sposey@jaspercity.com
City Hall, cityhall@jaspercity.com
*Individual e-mail addresses are not available for the council members. Correspondence can be sent to the City Hall e-mail address with a polite request to forward to each city council member.

Mayor: Jasper dog committee’s proposal completed

by David Lazenby

[… Jasper Mayor Sonny] Posey said he expects the matter will be discussed at the Jasper City Council’s first meeting in September, which is scheduled for Sept. 6. […]

Although several members of the committee are still concerned about the presence of pit bulls in the city, including an individual whose wife was bitten May 25, by a dog he described as a being similar to a pit bull terrier, Posey confirmed on Friday that no breeds of dogs will be banned from city limits.

However, he said “there will be three breeds mentioned in the ordinance as proposed.”

He added “There will be some requirements in regards to those three breeds, and they will be allowed, but you’ll have to go by the ordinance or pay the consequences.” […]

Full article retrieved 8/21/11 from http://www.mountaineagle.com/view/full_story/15094601/article-Mayor–Jasper-dog-committee%E2%80%99s-proposal-completed?

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