Oktibbeha County, MS: Whispers of BSL

Oktibbeha County, MS, currently does not have a leash law or dangerous/vicious dog ordinance. Over the last few years, dog bites (some severe) have made headlines—particularly “pit bull” bites—and on these occasions residents have asked the board to enact dog laws. Some of the board members have also looked into the dog laws of surrounding areas. Several board members and the county attorney have stated in the past that they do NOT want proposed dog laws to be breed-specific.

Despite ongoing dialogue about the need for county dog laws, the county remains without any kind of leash law or vicious dog law. A recent highly-publicized “pit bull” incident in the county has residents once again calling for county-wide vicious dog laws. The residents intend to approach the county board at the next board meeting, which should be September 5.

It is not clear at this time exactly what kind of law the residents will request, nor is it clear whether the board of supervisors will answer the call. However, considering the persistent requests for an ordinance and the news media’s focus on “pit bull” attacks specificially (which also focuses the public’s outrage on “pit bulls”), StopBSL feels that there is a possibility that the residents at the Sept 5 board meeting will request BSL or a breed ban.

Fortunately, the county board does not seem inclined toward breed-specific measures—but nevertheless, the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors could probably use some public encouragement to maintain a breed-neutral course. To contact the Board of Supervisors, call the County Administrator’s office at 662-323-1520 (a few supervisors have email; for details visit http://www.oktibbehacountyms.org/government/index.htm).

VERY important: keep correspondence respectful and informational; the county board has not expressed interest in breed-specific laws and several board members have made statements against breed-based discrimination. Please commend them and encourage them to continue thinking this way.

StopBSL would like to request assistance from locals and residents in the county to help keep an eye on the situation in Oktibbeha. The board’s agendas and minutes are not posted online, and news coverage hasn’t been the most reliable source. Ideally, a resident or local could make a special effort to stay in contact with the Chancery Clerk or the County Board of Supervisors in order to stay on top of developments.

Recent news article for more information on the situation in Oktibbeha: http://wcbi.com/article.php?subaction=showfull&id=1313439988&archive=&start_from=&ucat=2

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One response to “Oktibbeha County, MS: Whispers of BSL

  1. Please do not ban a whole breed due to incompetent owners. As the owner of a pit I must say he is the most cuddly dog I have ever owned (and theres been many) I also am an active weekly volunteer here at our local animal shelter. You know as well as I do, you can take a sweet dog and beat it till its mean…people are the problem bottom line. Prosecute these people who should have never owned a dog in the first place. As a dog owner a pit isn’t for everyone, neither are a lot of other dogs. But with the right training, love and care these dogs are the same as any others. There are at least 15 types of dogs that get stereo typed as pits!!! That’s racial profiling, it hasn’t ever worked in the past and it wont work now. You ban pits, your drug dealers and fighters will use rotts or shepards and so on. You cant ban everything beside poodles. Please take a step in the right direction and blame this on the humans they deserve it. A dog is a dog they learn wrong and right from people..some one should be teaching them! not death by ignorance….. Thanks for your time do the right thing!