Jasper, AL: Council says “no” to committee’s proposed BSL

Thanks to Jodi of Bless the Bullys for tracking Jasper!

Just to keep everyone updated on the situation in Jasper, Alabama:

I received the agenda for next Tuesday’s city council meeting, and the proposed vicious dog ordinance targeting 3 breeds of dogs (which we were told would be presented on September 6) was not an agenda item.  I called city hall and spoke with one of the clerks.  At last week’s work session, the committee presented their breed specific ordinance, and the council rejected it.  Moreover, I was advised that the council told the committee from the get-go that the council as a whole had no intention of passing any ordinance that regulates the ownership of specific breeds of dogs.

The committee was instructed to go back to the drawing board and craft a vicious dog ordinance that DOES NOT make reference to specific breeds of dogs.

I will continue to keep an eye on the situation in Jasper, but considering two city council members are pit bull owners and the majority of the council is against BSL, I think you can drop this one off your radar until further notice.


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  1. Good News is always GOOD.