Marshalltown, IA: Resident wants breed ban reinstated

A resident in Marshalltown says the town should have a ban on “pit bulls.” The town actually did have a ban a few years ago, but the ban was repealed.

There’s nothing official on the table, town officials haven’t said anything to suggest they are supportive of a ban, and this may just be one person talking, so if you choose to send correspondence to town officials, please make sure it is encouraging and respectfully supportive of officials’ decision to repeal the ban and to promote breed equality.

The council meets most weeks on Monday afternoon at 5:30. Meetings are usually held in the Council Chambers on the second floor of the Carnegie building addition at 10 W. State St.

Find officials’ contact info here:

Owner Wants Pit Bull Ban After Attack On Freckles

POSTED: 7:38 am CDT September 2, 2011

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — A Marshalltown woman wants pit bulls banned after a vicious attack on her dog.[…]

“All the little towns around have banned pit bulls and i don’t know why Marshalltown doesn’t,” said [resident] Davis.

The city did have a ban on pit bulls several years ago, but Heidi Drager [of the Animal Rescue League] said it was changed to not single out one breed.

“They are the main dog we have problems with,” said Drager. “But that doesn’t make them a bad breed. It’s just they’re a very powerful dog that needs to be handled appropriately.” […]

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StopBSL does not intend to track Marshalltown unless it develops into something more serious. Please correspond respectfully and with the assumption that the town council is on your side (not supportive of BSL and does not intend to introduce BSL).

2 responses to “Marshalltown, IA: Resident wants breed ban reinstated

  1. a comparison to the number of dog bites to the number of children killed by falling refrigerators per year is usually a good show stopper in small towns.

  2. Why was her dog just out roaming? I don’t understand how people can want someone else’s pet to be put down just because it did something to them. I have a feeling this resident wouldn’t be asking for BSL or for the dog to be put down if it wasn’t her dog that was attacked. I’m glad that they’re requiring the owner to take some control of his or her dog, though. It would be unfortunate that this dog would be put down just because his owner didn’t care enough about him.