City of Sonoma, CA: Council to discuss vicious animal regulations, Sept 7

**Not to be confused with Sonoma County, CA**

Council will discuss possible changes to the vicious animal ordinance during the September 7 council meeting that begins at 6 PM. Sonoma council member Joanne Sanders previously asked city staff to research the possibility of breed-specific regulations or a ban on “pit bulls.” California state law prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws, with the exception of breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. Upon finding this out, Sanders backed away from earlier statements in favor of a breed ban. We do not know what options will be discussed during the council meeting, but locals and residents are encouraged to attend and encourage the council to choose revisions that do not discriminate against owners of any one breed or general type of dog.

Contact information for Sonoma City Council
City Council, City of Sonoma, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma CA 95476
City Clerk: (707) 933-2216
Steve Barbose,
Ken Brown,
Laurie Gallian,
Joanne Sanders,
Tom Rouse,

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The regular meetings of the Sonoma City Council are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:00 PM.

Council agendas:

2 responses to “City of Sonoma, CA: Council to discuss vicious animal regulations, Sept 7

  1. California smartly ensured that a non-BSL ruling was in place to prevent local and county municipalities from treading upon private citizen’s personal property rights. Let them know you have a right to your personal property, no matter what their “opinion” may be of it – respected experts with hundreds of hours of research contradict their claims.

  2. Victory for the Pit Bull! Sanders has lost her bid for discrimination by breed/type.