Gardner, KS: Council to discuss animal ordinance revisions, Sept 6

Councilmember Larry Fotovich has requested that Gardner reinstate a breed ban. The city repealed their “pit bull” ban in 2007 after officials raised a number of concerns about the ineffectiveness of the ban, including difficulties with enforcement, unexpected expenses, problems with breed identification, intentional breed misidentification by the public, and more.

City staff has requested that council provide specific direction as to what animal ordinance revisions they desire. The council has been asked to provide this direction during the September 7 council meeting, at 7:00 PM, in City Hall, 120 East Main Street, Gardner, KS. In other words, the council will probably vote whether or not to instruct city staff to rewrite the ordinance to include a breed ban.

At this time, it does not appear that the other councilmembers are supportive of a ban. Please remain polite and courteous in your correspondence to educate and encourage the councilmembers to stay away from a breed ban.

David Drovetta, Mayor,
Kristy Harrison,
Brian Broxterman,
Larry Fotovich,
Chris Morrow,
Dennis Pugh,

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Agenda for Sept 6:

Background/Description of Item:

The Council has discussed possible changes to City Ordinance No. 2175 that pertains to animal control and protection and defines vicious animals and how they are to be handled. It does not define specific breeds of dogs that are banned. This ordinance was passed in 2005.

Looking to understand the direction of the City Council, staff is requesting Council to review Ordinance No. 2175 and provide specific direction so that corrections to the ordinance, if any, can be made and brought back for consideration at the October 3rd meeting.

Staff Recommendation:

Direct staff on changes to Ordinance 2175 – Animal Control and Protection.

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