Oktibbeha County, MS: Council asks for public comment on vicious dog ordinance, Sept 6

Oktibbeha County, MS, intends to schedule public hearings to gather local input about a possible dangerous/vicious dog ordinance. Though they do not have an official proposal ready for discussion, the county board also expects to take public comment and suggestions during the September 6 board meeting.

The county currently does not have a leash law or dangerous/vicious dog ordinance. It is not clear at this time exactly what kind of law residents will request. However, StopBSL feels that there is a possibility that the residents at the Sept 6 board meeting will request BSL or a breed ban.

Fortunately, the county board does not seem inclined toward breed-specific measures—but nevertheless, the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors could probably use some public encouragement to maintain a breed-neutral course. To contact the Board of Supervisors, call the County Administrator’s office at 662-323-1520 (a few supervisors have email; for details visit http://www.oktibbehacountyms.org/government/index.htm).

VERY important: keep correspondence respectful and informational; the county board has not expressed interest in breed-specific laws and several board members have made statements against breed-based discrimination. Please commend them and encourage them to continue thinking this way.

Oktibbeha to schedule public hearing for vicious animal ordinance

SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 10:20:00 PM

STARKVILLE — In anticipation of public pressure to adopt a vicious animal ordinance, the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors plans to schedule public hearings about the issue at Tuesday’s meeting.

Following a pit bull attack on two children on Self Creek Road on Aug. 13, the board has studied ordinances in Pontotoc and Lowndes counties. […]

County Administrator Don Posey said there isn’t a special hearing to discuss a possible ordinance for Tuesday’s meeting, though citizens can express concerns during the usual public comments portion of the meeting.[…]

Read more: http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=12825#ixzz1X6fpZFhT

StopBSL would like to request assistance from locals and residents in the county to help keep an eye on the situation in Oktibbeha. The board’s agendas and minutes are not posted online, and news coverage hasn’t been the most reliable source. Ideally, a resident or local could make a special effort to stay in contact with the Chancery Clerk or the County Board of Supervisors in order to stay on top of developments.

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