City of Sonoma, CA: Council decides against BSL

**Not to be confused with Sonoma County, CA**

All alerts for city of Sonoma:

Sonoma council member Joanne Sanders previously asked city staff to research the possibility of breed-specific regulations or a ban on “pit bulls.”

Sonoma Passes On New Vicious Dog Laws

Council favors extra money for spay/neuter clinics, community forum

By Alexis Fitts

Pit Bull advocates crowded the Sonoma City Council meeting Wednesday for an emotionally charged vote where the council declined to amend current vicious dog legislation—opting for a greater emphasis on informal outreach events and low cost spay/neuter programs instead. […]

“If we don’t do something these bad dog owners are going to ruin it for the good dog owners,” [Councilmember Joanne] Sanders said. “If the one good thing that comes out of [these talks] is more money for spay and neutering, [even] if it’s not breed specific, I can live with that.”

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