Waterville, ME: Police chief suggests breed ban

Waterville Police Chief Joe Massey thinks the city should ban certain breeds of dogs. Maine state law prohibits municipalities from passing BSL, so this is not likely to go anywhere, but locals and residents may wish to reassert the need for breed-neutral laws.

Next city council meeting: September 20, 7:00 PM, City Council Chambers, 1 Common Street, Waterville, ME 04901

City officials contact information:
City Council, City of Waterville, 1 Common Street, Waterville Maine 04901
Fax: 207-680-4207
Police Chief Joseph Massey, jmassey@waterville-me.gov
Charles F. Stubbert, fred4444@msn.com
George Myers, Jr, george@georgemyersjr.com
Rosemary Winslow, rosemary.winslow@mail.house.gov
Erik Thomas, ethomas@waterville-me.gov
John O’Donnell, johnodonnell@mewireless.net
Eliza Mathias, emathias@waterville-me.gov
Karen Rancourt Thomas, krancourt@waterville-me.gov

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fred4444@msn.com; george@georgemyersjr.com; rosemary.winslow@mail.house.gov; ethomas@waterville-me.gov; johnodonnell@mewireless.net; emathias@waterville-me.gov; krancourt@waterville-me.gov; jmassey@waterville-me.gov

Waterville Chief Sounds Alarm On Dangerous Dogs

by Rob Poindexter – September 12th 2011 09:29pm

Waterville – Waterville Police Chief Joe Massey […] says statistics show most attacks happen in the victims own homes. “The top three biters according to their study are Pitbulls, German Shepards, and Rottweilers.” [StopBSL Ed: Unclear what statistics or study has been used here. No source cited.] […]

Adding that he’d also like to see the city get tougher. “Matter of fact I would almost like to see, and I know this is very controversial, to see the city take a stand where they try to prohibit specific breeds.” […]

Full article retrieved 9/14/11 from http://www.wabi.tv/news/23450/waterville-chief-sounds-alarm-on-dangerous-dogs

2 responses to “Waterville, ME: Police chief suggests breed ban

  1. Controversial??? It’s ridiculous! Just because some cops go off the deep end and act inappropriately…should we ban all cops from society?
    Most articles I’ve seen of “pitbull attacks” don’t even match the dog breed at all, in the accompanying photos. Most pitbulls act just like every other dog, and are not teeth lying in wait to sink into somebody, anymore than a cop that does something unbecoming to cop behavior is an indication that all cops are not trustworthy. Obviously you don’t know squat about dogs. Why not use the energy into looking for the people who promote dog fighting arenas and stealing people’s pets to furnish practice for this sadistic sport. I’m fed up with people’s ignorant and predjudiced opinions about certain dog breeds.

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