Lakewood, OH: Council to discuss breed ban amendments, Sept 19

A Lakewood city council committee has “clarified”—but did not repeal—the language of their two-year-old breed ban on “pit bulls” and “canary dogs.” The city council will now discuss the committee amendments during the council meeting on September 19 at 7:30 PM, Lakewood City Hall, 12650 Detroit Avenue.

The public may comment at the meeting; please see the agenda to find out how you can make a public comment on this agenda item:

7. Public Safety Committee Report regarding Ordinance No. 35-11 – amending sections within Chapter 506 to clarify the definitions and hearing processes related to dangerous and vicious dogs. (Pg.22)

8. ORDINANCE NO. 35-11 – AN ORDINANCE amending Section 506.03 of the Codified Ordinances, Pit Bull Dogs or Canary Dogs; Section 506.08, Alternative Confinement; Section 506.09, Hearing by Director of Public Safety; Notice; Section 506.10, Evidence; Section 506.11, Decision of the Director of Public Safety; and Section 506.13, Disposition of Dangerous Animals, for the purpose of clarifying the definitions and hearing processes related to pit bull dogs, canary dogs, other dangerous dogs and vicious dogs. PLACED ON 1ST READING & REFERRED TO THE PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE 6/20/11, 2nd READING 7/5/11, DEFERRED 7/18/11) (Pg. 23)

The amended ordinance can be read here (last known version in July; unclear if it has been changed since then):

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