Overland, MO: Breed ban passed

Overland, MO, has passed a ban on “pit bulls.” The ban will go into effect in January 2012.

It is unclear how this ban came about. Overland’s old animal ordinance specifically prohibited dogs from being declared dangerous based solely on breed. With the passage of the new ordinance, the city has made an abrupt 180 degree turn. According to the only news article I could find about this, “Officials say this ban is not a result of any particular incident, but rather is the city being proactive based on what other cities across the country have adopted concerning pit bull laws.”

There has been no media coverage, and StopBSL received no advance notification that Overland was considering a breed ban, so it’s unclear how much publicity the animal ordinance revisions actually got. The agendas and minutes on Overland’s city website are not kept current, so at this time, I do not know when the council met on this issue, what was discussed, or what the new animal ordinance looks like.

Thanks to Mike for sending me the news article, which is all of 4 sentences long and can be read here: http://www.kmov.com/news/local/Dog-breed-to-be-banned-in-Overland-130456223.html

The City Council shall hold regular meetings on the second (2nd) and fourth
(4th) Mondays of each month with the exception of the months of July, August and December wherein there shall be one (1) meeting per month held on the second (2nd) Monday of the month.  Next council meeting: September 26. Although it sounds like this is a done deal, residents and locals who were unaware that this dialogue was taking place may wish to voice their opinions during the council meeting.

You may voice your disappointment to city officials with this contact info:
City Hall, 9119 Lackland Road, Overland, MO 63114
(314) 428-4321
Fax (314) 428-3515
Directory (phone and email) for mayor and council: http://overlandmo.org/Directory.aspx?did=7


6 responses to “Overland, MO: Breed ban passed

  1. Jamie McDowell

    I and a friend are fostering the most lovable Pit-Bull on the face of the planet. There are several at our shelter. This BSL is terrible.

  2. November 7, 2011. 6:30pm. Overland, MO. Public city council meeting specifically in regards to pit bull ordinace. There’s talk of an amendment to remove breed specifics and limiting the restrictions to dogs that have been deemed vicious, as already stated in the animal ordinance. I’ll be at the meeting to ensure my beloved bullys do not get discriminated against just because of their breed.

    • Thank you, Kathy. We have Overland marked for an update/alert a bit closer to the meeting date. Good to hear they’re reconsidering.

  3. i dont live in overland but work at a vet clinic and i about this and we been letting pepole know about this new law well i think its not right pitbull just have a bad name and not all pits are mean i just wanted you all to know that if i walk my dog down the street and lets just say that i get attack i would want my dog to do some thing but if they have to have a muzzle on then they wont be able to help me i think it is not right for that i own a rottie and he is so nice . all dogs are the way you make them not their history

  4. I just got out of the Overland city council meeting. Twenty-five residents and non-residents voiced their concerns against the pit bull ban. The ban has been repealed!