Lake City, AR: Breeds added to breed ban

Lake City, AR has added American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, and mixes to their “pit bull” ban, which has been in place since 1991. This was done at the request of citizens, and no one spoke in opposition during any of three readings. I have found no news coverage of the proposal prior to its passage, and Lake City’s agendas are not available online. I do not know to what extent city officials informed the public about the proposal.

City Council meets the third Monday night of each month, at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall. Residents desiring to present an issue on the agenda must do so by noon on the Friday preceding the scheduled Monday meeting. If residents can request expansion of the ban, it seems reasonable that residents may also request elimination of the ban. Individual contact information for the city council may be found here:

Lake City expands vicious dog restrictions

Posted: Sep 28, 2011 9:11 AM CDT
Updated: Sep 28, 2011 7:28 PM CDT
By Brandi Hunter, Video Journalist – email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The city council in Lake City expanded an existing animal ordinance that bans pit bulls to include more breeds.

Since 1991, Lake City ordinance 135 has prohibited residents from owning pit bulls. The city council unanimously approved ordinance 253-11, an amended ordinance that includes a ban on Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs and mixed breeds that are offspring of bulldogs. […]

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  1. Idiots do not know that 30 breeds of dogs comes from the bulldogs.