Charles County, MD: BSL no longer part of proposed animal ordinance revisions

Charles County, MD, has been working on revisions to their animal ordinance. The first draft contained breed-specific language. Thanks to input from the public and local animal organizations, the second draft no longer contains BSL.

You may read the second (newest) draft of the proposal here:$file/Bill%20Number%202011-07%20Animal%20Control%20Regulations%20version%202.pdf

Charles County Commissioners will hold a follow-up work session on the new breed-neutral proposal during their meeting on October 4 at 9:30 AM. We hope that locals will continue to encourage the commissioners to maintain a breed-neutral course.

Contact information for Charles County Commissioners:
Attn: Charles County Board of Commissioners
Post Office Box 2150
La Plata, Maryland 20646-2150
301-645-0550 or 301-870-3000
Entire Commission:
President Candice Kelly,
VP Reuben Collins,
Ken Robinson,
Debra Davis,
Bobby Rucci,

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