Springfield, TN: New ordinance adds to current BSL

Springfield, TN, already has BSL for “pit bull” owners. The city intends to add another breed-specific ordinance to the current BSL—a special $50 registration fee.

Update 10/6/11: Bless the Bullys reports that the fee would be retroactive. Next city council meeting: October 18.

Ordinance Would Charge Fee For Pitbulls

Posted: Oct 03, 2011 4:31 PM CDT
by Amanda Hara

Springfield, Tenn. – The City of Springfield already requires pit bulls to be registered, muzzled and leashed at all times and registered on a city database, but those rules could soon become stricter.

City Manager Paul Nutting says a new ordinance will likely pass requiring owners to pay a 50 dollar registration fee for their pit bull. […]

City Manager Paul Nutting said the ordinance passed its first reading and will likely pass its third and final reading no later than November.

Full article retrieved 10/5/11 from http://www.newschannel5.com/story/15607080/ordinance-would-charge-fee-for-pitbulls

Contact info for Springfield, TN city officials
City Hall, 405 North Main Street, Springfield, Tennessee 37172


3 responses to “Springfield, TN: New ordinance adds to current BSL

  1. Pit Bull Awareness meeting(re:Springfield BSL)- Oak Hills golf course Greenbrier tn Oct.12th 6pm. Stop by and ask questions or let us know whats on your mind.

  2. pitbullover1

    This is bs! You people who have no dog knowledge or experience with pitbulls have no clue what your talking about! Im sorry you have experience in training your poodle or lil yorkie but pits are much smarter loving and amazing dogs you people are so useless just going by false facts! Why not do a real job and find out how wonderful amazing loving pits are before making a dumb move again! Wish I can just make laws in what I hear about jackass in office!!! Yea you guys

  3. Perhaps the town should focus their time on more meaningful things abuse in puppy mills.