Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada: Resident requests breed ban

The Wetaskiwin Times today published an article titled “Pit bull ban would target breed: city bylaw official.” Such a title suggests that a pit bull ban is under consideration in Wetaskiwin, but the article itself really doesn’t say anything more.

After some searching, I found a letter to the editor, also published today, in which a resident of Wetaskiwin claims to have made numerous public requests to the city council to pass a “pit bull” ban similar to the one in Ontario. Evidently, at least one city alderman has agreed that the council should consider such a ban.

At this time, nothing official has been proposed. Residents and locals, please advise Wetaskiwin city officials about the expensive public safety failure that is Ontario’s breed ban, and encourage them to adopt breed-neutral measures, if any.

News article can be read here for background and context: http://www.wetaskiwintimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?archive=true&e=3323447

Mayor Bill Elliot, belliot@wetaskiwin.ca
Joe Branco, jbranco@wetaskiwin.ca
Dale Crabtree, dcrabtree@wetaskiwin.ca
Glenn Ruecker, teleconn@incentre.net
Patricia MacQuarrie, pmacquarrie@wetaskiwin.ca
Barry Hawkes, hawbar@telus.net
Mark McFaul, mwmcfaul@wetaskiwin.ca

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