Chippewa Falls, WI: Committee will discuss animal ordinance, Oct 17

Is Chippewa Falls considering BSL, or is it not? In early October, the Leader-Telegram published an article that claimed a “pit bull ordinance” was being discussed by the council. However, StopBSL was later forwarded an email from Councilmember Hicks, the chair of the Public Safety Committee. Hicks stated that BSL was not under consideration by council or committee, and that the committee intends to look at ways to strengthen existing ordinances and hold owners responsible.

The Chippewa Falls Committee on Public Safety will meet on October 17 to discuss the current animal ordinance and possibly make a recommendation to council. Since StopBSL has heard two very different stories about what will be discussed or proposed, we encourage locals and residents to attend the committee meeting and continue to respectfully encourage Chippewa Falls officials to pursue effective breed-neutral measures.

Committee on Public Safety meeting
October 17, 9:00 AM
City Hall Council Chambers, 30 W. Central Street, Chippewa Falls, WI

Mayor Gregory S. Hoffman,
Michael Hanke,
Brian Flynn,
C W King,
Chuck Hull,
Jane Lardahl,
Bill Hicks,
George Adrian,

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Thanks to Hank for forwarding the councilmember email. Thanks to Gina for the meeting agenda notification.

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