Ridgely, MD: Maybe considering more BSL (maybe additional breeds)

Update 10/20/11: StopBSL received clarification from a site visitor who managed to get in touch with Ridgely officials. According to the city clerk, the city council merely discussed a new registration form. The law is not changing—only the administrative process might. The news article below was, according to the clerk, totally inaccurate.

StopBSL received the following cryptic one-sentence news summary from our BSL news aggregator:

Ridgely considers registration of certain dog breeds

Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:00 am

Ridgely officials are considering a bill requiring certain breeds of dogs deemed inherently dangerous be registered with the town’s police department. […]

(Remainder of article is subscription-only: http://www.stardem.com/article_68a02276-dc68-5ca9-bf64-095bff3d691e.html)

We were left scratching our heads about this news, because Ridgely already has BSL in place. “Pit bull dogs” are automatically considered dangerous dogs, and various special restrictions are in place for owners of pit bulls: special leashes, muzzles, special confinement requirements, liability insurance, signage, and special registration with the police department.

It is unclear, therefore, why the town would consider an ordinance that they apparently already have in place. Possibly, they intend to add more breeds to the breed-specific dangerous dog ordinance. Possibly, they intend to rewrite the current BSL in some way. Or, possibly, the news media has gotten something wrong. [ED: It was the latter.]

StopBSL has contacted the town commissioners to seek clarification, but has received no reply to date. We encourage locals and residents in and around Ridgely to initiate respectful dialogue with commissioners, and to attend the town meeting tomorrow. If you are able to determine exactly what is being proposed, please send StopBSL a note.

President Dale Mumford, dmumford@ridgelymd.org
Commissioner Linda Epperly-Glover, lepperly_glover@ridgelymd.org
Commissioner Anthony Casey, acasey@ridgelymd.org
Town Administrator Diane E. Wojcik, dwojcik@ridgelymd.org
Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Berkey, sberkey@ridgelymd.org

Town Meeting, October 17, 7 PM
Town Office, 2 Central Avenue, Ridgely, MD, 21660

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