Dunkirk, NY: Council talks about BSL

After residents expressed concerns about dangerous dogs in their community, Councilmember Michael Michalski said a breed-specific ban would have his full support.

There followed a bit of back-and-forth between councilmembers about the feasibility of a breed ban. Council seems to be aware that New York state law prohibits them from passing a breed-specific ordinance. Councilmembers generally felt that dog attacks had increased, and they need to do something, but didn’t know what.

Although BSL is not a possibility for Dunkirk, the council may benefit from breed-neutral suggestions and education so that they can choose an effective and appropriate path toward increased public safety.

If you would like to get involved in Dunkirk, please contact the city council here: http://www.cityofdunkirk.com/node/18

News article about this Dunkirk council meeting: http://www.observertoday.com/page/content.detail/id/564544/Residents-talk-about-dog-attacks-in-Dunkirk.html?nav=5047


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