Fairburn, GA: Councilman will propose breed ban or BSL, Nov 14

Fairburn councilman Scott Vaughn will propose a ban on “pit bulls” and other unidentified “restricted breeds” at the city council meeting on Nov 14 at 7:00 PM. Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the council meeting and protest the discriminatory proposal. Want to make a comment at the next council meeting? Follow the guidelines here: http://www.fairburn.com/news.php?id=125

Contact info for city council
Fairburn City Hall, 56 Malone Street, Fairburn, Georgia 30213
Phone 770-964-2244 Fax 770-969-3484
Web form for city council: http://www.fairburn.com/contact.php?contact=6

Vaughn to introduce proposed city ordinance regarding dogs

By Bill Baldowski

Fairburn Councilman Scott Vaughn is set to introduce a proposed city ordinance at the Nov. 14 council meeting that he said would protect the public and promote what he termed a family-friendly community.

His proposal concerns the city adopting a breed specific ban on the type of dog breed Fairburn residents would be allowed to own, plus other dog-related issues.[…]

His resolution is modeled after a Colorado law which makes it unlawful for any person to “have, own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport or sell within the city any pit bull or restricted breed of dog.”[…]

“Certain breeds are not only overwhelmingly responsible for dog-related fatalities but their mere presence is menacing and creates an environment of fear and intimidation,” he said.

Vaughn added that any dog can bite someone “but only a few are just so powerful and vicious that their presence is a threat to the community.”

Full article retrieved 11/3/11 from http://neighbornewspapers.com/stories/Vaughn-to-introduce-proposed-city-ordinance-regarding-dogs,177633

Note that the full article discusses other components of Vaughn’s proposal, which would include muzzling all dogs when being walked, and a ban on tethering. However, I’m unclear as to why Vaughn is proposing any of this. Fairburn city code already prohibits tethering except temporarily, while the dog is attended by an owner (this ordinance passed in 2009). Fairburn also has a relatively comprehensive breed-neutral dangerous dog ordinance. It doesn’t seem like Vaughn’s proposal brings anything new to the table, except for the breed ban.

Residents and locals are strongly encouraged to contact Councilman Vaughn and the rest of the city council and express their thoughts on this issue.

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