Taylorsville, UT: Council will “discuss pit bulls,” Nov 9

Last night, the Taylorsville, UT city council heard a number of comments from residents for and against a possible breed-specific law or breed ban targeting “pit bulls.”

According to the city council coordinator, the city council will “discuss pit bulls” again during their work session on November 9 at 6 pm, 2600 W Taylorsville Blvd, Room 140. West Valley Animal Services will also give a quarterly report at that time. It is not clear what the council discussion or Animal Services report will entail. Because it is a work session, the council will not make any decisions, and the public may not comment. However, residents may wish to attend the work session to get a feel for the council’s intent with regards to possible breed-specific legislation.

The next city council meeting with a public comment opportunity will be on November 16.

Because we do not know the council’s intent and there is no official proposal, please keep your correspondence polite, respectful, and educational.

Mayor and City Council contact info
rwall@taylorsvilleut.gov; bcatlin@taylorsvilleut.gov; mpratt@taylorsvilleut.gov; jrechtenbach@taylorsvilleut.gov; dbarbour@taylorsvilleut.gov; ljohnson@taylorsvilleut.gov

Thanks to SLCo Pit Crew for the initial alert. If there is a local who is able to track this issue, StopBSL would appreciate updates.

One response to “Taylorsville, UT: Council will “discuss pit bulls,” Nov 9

  1. selwyn marock

    Let them discuss Pitbulls,what beautiful creatures they are.And thats it.