Vinita, OK: Police chief suggests BSL

Two dogs, owned by the same person, running loose at two different times, caused two different dog bite incidents. As a result, the police chief of Vinita has suggested BSL as a possible solution to the “problem.” (Apparently it has not occured to anyone that that particular dog owner is obviously the “problem.” Even the fine against the owner was ultimately dropped.)

Oklahoma municipalities may not pass BSL (per state law). However, residents and locals are encouraged to speak with city officials about the incident and about effective breed-neutral proactive measures that can and should be taken to prevent irresponsible dog owners from endangering the public repeatedly.

City Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Vinita City Hall.
City Hall, 104 E. Illinois.
City Clerk/ City Mayor: 918-256-6468
Vinita Police Dept (located in City Hall): 918-256-6414

“This is a terrible situation because, as a law enforcement officer, we want to be proactive and this is a situation where we’ve got to be reactive,” said Vinita Police Chief Bobby Floyd.

Chief Floyd says the two cases have prompted him to look for stronger laws to prevent aggressive dogs from getting loose in the city. He’s talked about requiring certain breeds to only be allowed outside in kennels or to be muzzled. […]

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2 responses to “Vinita, OK: Police chief suggests BSL

  1. I live in this great state, and have been a responsible American Pit Bull Terrier owner since the age of 18, I am now 38. I know the article didn’t specify a breed, but I know all to well when BSL is suggest, my breed of choice is the usual suspect. I cannot stress enough that people are the responsible party when it comes to animal ownership. Regardless of the animal, or it’s actions, if not addressed and dealt with by the owner, it is only the fault of the owner. Animals are animals, they do not know concequences and therefore we cannot punish them accordingly.