Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Possibility of BSL repeal

The mayor of Edmonton has asked for a review of the city’s BSL because he keeps receiving emails against BSL from the public. The results of the review will be presented in January. In the meantime, we encourage the public to continue providing respectful, helpful correspondence to city officials to guide them away from ineffective, discriminatory breed-specific laws.

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Council reopens contentious debate on breed-specific bylaw


EDMONTON — […] Mayor Stephen Mandel asked animal control staff to report back in January with recommendations on whether the current restrictions are warranted.

“Breed-specific legislation might not be justified,” said David Aitken, the city branch manager responsible for bylaw enforcement. “There’s a train of thought that suggests it’s not the animal, it’s the owner that has the issue. Therefore, you can’t hold specific breeds responsible for actions.”

City council last debated pit bulls in 2003, after amending a bylaw that restricted mixed-breed American Staffordshire and Staffordshire bull terriers, which are often referred to as pit bulls. Dog owners for those dogs pay higher registration fees, must carry $1 million in insurance, and must keep the dogs muzzled on public property and tethered on private property. […]

But of the 450 restricted dogs currently registered with the City of Edmonton, only 34 are restricted because of a past attack. The rest are restricted because of their genetic history, Aitken said. […]

Mandel told committee members he wanted to reopen the bylaw debate because his office continues to get emails objecting to the breed-specific ban. […]

The committee is scheduled to hear back Jan. 23 on what changes could be made to the bylaw and on what restrictions other municipalities have in place.

Full article retrieved 11/15/11 from http://www.edmontonjournal.com/life/Council+reopens+contentious+debate+breed+specific+bylaw/5708453/story.html

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