Mission Hills, KS: Council decides not to add Rottweilers to breed ban

Mission Hills, KS council has decided not to add Rottweilers to their current ban on “pit bulls.” This comes after a council meeting at which city staff produced dog bite data showing that none of the 21 dog bites in 2011 were committed by Rottweilers.

However, the city’s ban on “pit bulls” remains in place.

News article about this decision: http://pvpost.com/2011/11/17/mission-hills-wont-pursue-rottweiler-ban-7665

City contact form: http://www.missionhillsks.gov/Directory.aspx
CITY OF MISSION HILLS • 6300 State Line Road • Mission Hills, Kansas 66208
Phone: 913-362-9620 • Fax: 913-362-0673
City Administrator Courtney Christensen, cchristensen@missionhillsks.gov, 913-362-9620 ext 202
City Clerk Jill Clifton (will send your correspondence to city council upon request), jclifton@missionhillsks.gov

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