Cumberland County, NC: Animal control wants to stop adopting out certain breeds

The Cumberland County, NC, Animal Control Board is considering a plan to kill stray “pit bulls,” Rottweilers, Chows, and Presa Canarios, and mixes of these, rather than find these dogs loving new homes. The bizarre logic behind this move seems to be: “No one responsible adopts these breeds anyway, so why even bother to try?”

Cumberland County Animal Control wants to limit adoptions of certain dog breeds

By Nancy McCleary
Staff writer
Published: 03:06 PM, Wed Nov 30, 2011

[…] The board is suggesting that county residents be banned from adopting Rottweilers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls, chow-chows, Presa Canarios or any mix of those breeds, Lauby said.

[…] Since April, Animal Control has taken in nearly 1,300 pit bulls but only 124 have been adopted, Lauby said. The remainder either go to a breed-specific rescue or are euthanized, he said.

It’s the same problem for other “bully breed” dogs, he said.

The shelter has taken in 180 Rottweilers since April and only 26 have been adopted. Fifteen of the 96 chow-chows received at the shelter have been adopted, Lauby said.

Local rescue groups are at their capacity in finding homes, Lauby said, so most of the dogs have been put down. […]

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This proposal is in very early stages, and the public has an opportunity to provide genuinely humane, sensible solutions to the county’s animal control problems. The Animal Control Board will meet again on December 5 at 6:00 PM to discuss the issue, at the Animal Services Department, 4704 Corporation Drive, Fayetteville, NC.

Please be respectful and helpful in your correspondence with officials.

Cumberland County Animal Services Department, Dr. John Lauby, Director, Phone: (910) 321-6851,

If the Animal Control Board approves this proposal, it moves to the Policy Committee, and then to the full Board of Commissioners. We will post that contact information if and when the proposal moves ahead. For the moment, please try to work with the Animal Control Board to find reasonable solutions that don’t involve killing dogs just because they look a certain way.


14 responses to “Cumberland County, NC: Animal control wants to stop adopting out certain breeds

  1. This is SO wrong!!! We recently adopted an Am Staf who was dumped on the side of the road. We knew nothing about her past. She was about 9 months old at the time. She has turned out to be the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dog I have ever been owned by. DO NOT JUDGE A DOG BY THE BREED. Judge them as individuals just like you would want to be judged.

  2. Start a movement to make it easier to move into apartments with these dogs. The breed restrictions prevent many responsible owners from adopting because they cannot take them into their homes. It is fine to have a large dog in an apartment as long as they are exercised on a regular basis and are cared for properly.

  3. I do not live in north carolina, but I have rescued 2 pitbulls and they are the best additions I have ever made to my household! Dogs of any breed should not be judged based on their breed alone. Every breed of dog has its fall backs but not every single one is ‘bad’. We are taught not to discriminate against people of race, color or ethinicty but now we are allowed to do it to animals?! Every dog should be evaluated on a case by case basis! Every one should be given the chance of rehabilitation. It is not their fault how their life started out, if it was not positive and they should be given the chance to become a positive member of society. We give people in prison this chance and we should give all animals the chance as well. STOP BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION!

  4. I think this is an outrage!!!! I mean really???? Whats next?? It is not these dogs fault that they have gotten a bad rap but what their HUMANS have taught them!! I think this is a pure outrage!! These are living creatures!! Whats next? STOP THIS MADDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. People should not be so judgmental about pit bulls. I have a 3 year old pit who is the most loving family dog I have ever owned. I also have. 2 month old baby that my dog absolutely loves. It’s a shame.

  6. Even Michael Vick’s fighting dogs (pit bulls) were given a chance and one even passed all of the tests needed to become a certified therapy dog.

    These dogs, when placed in the right loving environment can be the best pets. I guarantee if the roles were reversed, they would not do this to their humans.

  7. It is extremely upsetting to me as a RESPONSIBLE dog owner when I see ignorance like this. I have grown up with Pit Bulls ever since I was a baby, and to see people discriminating like this is insane. Yes, there are losers that fight these dogs and beat them to make them aggressive. BUT. That does NOT give these people the right to discriminate an ENTIRE breed. My dogs are well-behaved social pets who love children, all people, and other animals. So before ruining it for responsible owners and creating more problems for dogs that could find RESPONSIBLE loving homes, I think Cumberland County needs to seriously do their research. Instead of being practically racist towards a breed of dog, how about you guys have harsher adoption policies such as home visits, maybe even follow up visits, etc? Don’t discriminate, it only makes people who are responsible citizens in your community hate you. If I lived here, you can bet I would be making a visit to city council. Not everyone owns a Pit Bull to look badass and have a mean dog. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but my dogs are lovers, not fighters. Thanks for reading.

  8. this is just horrible!! I can understand when a dog is not adoptable but for these dogs to not be even given a chance is just horrid. what is wrong with people!!! :(

  9. I rescued my pit saki from a no kill shelter & she`s the best friend i ever had & is so loving & everyone i met when i walk her loves her just like she loves them, these dogs aim to please their owners & thats why they are succesfull @ being therapy dogs\service dogs, along with sar dogs. All they want & need is love, not a condemation to death. Of a over hyped repuutation by the news media. Blame the owners not the breed & also remember that the pit was the all american dog.

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself! how dare you decide what breed gets to live and die. I hope you get closed down, you obviously have no compassion for any animal if you are killing them off!

  11. christine ammons

    I am extremely upset with the way we have people in our world that kill people, rape children, etc, and are still given the chance to breathe, live life, three hots and a cot, the very people that train our beautiful bullies to fight, to kill are some of the same disguisting people that have the chance to see the sun, i am so outraged we the people have all opportunities in life within arms reach and that people take advantage of the love and companionship animals give or when they are too busy to return the same affection, PEOPLE are the ones that need to be punished or be denied, i love my babies and would go hungry or without before they do I don’t understand how people can be so cruel….. My dogs(pit bulls) love me unconditionally and that is something that vmost humans are uncapible of

  12. christine ammons

    I pray that our loving animals have a chance at life, that’s what they deserve, not neglect and punishments for being a specific breed….. See them, not the people they once trusted, believed in, and or looked to for proper love., guidance and up bringing….. You truly can’t and shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, punish the deed, not the breed!!!!!!!

  13. I don’t know who is responsible for making this final decision, but you maybe you need to take a minute to really think this thru. There is a reason God created animals “dogs of all breeds” and then had them march onto the arc male and female to be saved from the great flood. You are making a concious decision to destroy one of his creations and for what? Human error and ignorance!!!!!!
    Dogs by nature are loving and trusting, only wanting to please there humans….they are like clay in our hands to be molded into what we make of them. And now they have to pay the ultimate price.
    I urge you to give them that second chance, don’t discard them like garbage, actually worse than garbage, don’t take their very lives GiVE THEM A SECOND CHANCE…………HAVE A HEART

    for the irresponsibility of cruel human beings, so not fair!!!! Even the worst of human criminals get a second chance and they actually had a choice in what they did, these animals had no choice.

    I urge you rethink this and give these precious anima

  14. We should do this to the politicians. They are infinitly more dangerous to our survival than some puppies. What a disapointment.