Waterville, ME: Police chief plans to propose BSL

In September, Waterville Police Chief Joe Massey publicly stated that the city should ban certain breeds of dogs. He is now back in the news, saying he intends to bring an “aggressive dog” proposal to council. Although he does not know exactly what he will propose, or when, he continues to say that the law should be breed-specific and should affect owners of breeds that he considers “aggressive”—specifically “pit bulls,” Rottweilers, Akitas, and German Shepherds.

Maine state law prohibits municipalities from passing BSL, and, as police chief, Massey really should know this. His continued push for BSL, which would violate state law, is troubling. Locals and residents may wish to intervene with legal, effective, breed-neutral solutions before Massey gets much further.

Next city council meeting: December 6, 7:00 PM, City Council Chambers, 1 Common Street, Waterville, ME 04901

City officials contact information:
City Council, City of Waterville, 1 Common Street, Waterville Maine 04901
Fax: 207-680-4207
Police Chief Joseph Massey, jmassey@waterville-me.gov
Charles F. Stubbert, fred4444@msn.com
George Myers, Jr, george@georgemyersjr.com
Rosemary Winslow, rosemary.winslow@mail.house.gov
Erik Thomas, ethomas@waterville-me.gov
John O’Donnell, johnodonnell@mewireless.net
Eliza Mathias, emathias@waterville-me.gov
Karen Rancourt Thomas, krancourt@waterville-me.gov

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fred4444@msn.com; george@georgemyersjr.com; rosemary.winslow@mail.house.gov; ethomas@waterville-me.gov; johnodonnell@mewireless.net; emathias@waterville-me.gov; krancourt@waterville-me.gov; jmassey@waterville-me.gov

Waterville chief wants ordinance governing dogs

Mauling prompts plan to restrict certain breeds

Posted: December 3
Updated: Today at 10:09 PM

WATERVILLE — An aggressive dog mauled a child Wednesday on Water Street, and Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey is fed up. He plans to propose an ordinance to City Council that would restrict large aggressive breeds. […]

Massey said he’s not sure when he’ll submit a proposed ordinance to City Council. He’s also not certain what kind of ordinance he will propose. First, he wants to research aggressive-dog ordinances in other communities.

“I am certainly going to look at options that would be fair and reasonable ways to control large aggressive dogs,” he said.

Breeds Massey said he considers aggressive include akitas, German shepherds, pit bulls and rottweilers. […]

Full article retrieved 12/3/11 from http://www.kjonline.com/news/waterville-chief-wants-ordinance-governing-dogs_2011-12-02.html

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