Armstrong, IA: Resident objects to breed ban

Armstrong, IA, has a “pit bull” ban. A resident has been told to get rid of her mixed breed pet dog after city officials said it is a “pit bull.” She must pay for a DNA test if she wants to try to prove that the dog is not a “pit bull.”

Armstrong holds hearing on dog ordinance

December 6, 2011
By Michael Tidemann – Staff Writer , Estherville Daily News

ARMSTRONG – […] Amber Baas objected to being ordered by police chief Craig Merrill to get rid of what Merrill claims is a pit bull within three days. Baas said the dog is a mixed breed and gentle.

“The rules are the rules,” said Mayor Marv Dailey. […]

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This is the second time this year that a resident has appealed to the council after being told to get rid of their pet. Read an earlier article here:

The council heard an appeal from Joseph Wegner regarding a citation for having a pit bull in the city limits.

Wegner said the dog was not a pit bull but a Staffordshire terrier.

Council member Dave Grussing read the ordinance to Wegner, noting that a Staffordshire terrier was covered under the ordinance provisions.

“He admits he has a Staffordshire terrier and it says right here you can’t have it,” said council member Don Leach.

Resident and locals who wish to politely and respectfully express their thoughts to Armstrong city officials regarding the “pit bull” ban may do so through this online form:

One response to “Armstrong, IA: Resident objects to breed ban

  1. Darrick Wagner

    My mother is 84 years old she has a staffordshire terrrier. She is now in a
    rehab center/nursing home because she broke her hip. She is in a Eden
    facility. An Eden facility allows pets to visit and be with their owners.
    Because her dog is a staffordshire terrier, her dog cannot visit her.
    She misses her.
    This dog made one visit before someone complained about her
    breed. This dog seemed to know who was needing comfort and
    went up to them and laid her head on their lap but because one
    staff person complained about her breed she is not allowed a
    returned visit. We need to stop this prejudice and let families
    keep their beloved pets. The truth about this breed needs to
    be established again.I would very much like this dog to become
    a certified therapy dog so she can be an ambassador
    to his breed. Dog fighting needs to end it is cruel and humans
    are the vicious breed.