Slater, MO: Proposed animal ordinance revisions contain BSL

Slater is considering major revisions to its animal ordinance. One of the suggested revisions could declare certain breeds to be automatically “vicious” and put restrictions on ownership of those breeds. “Pit bulls” appear to be particularly targeted.

Slater council has scheduled the animal ordinance for another public hearing on January 16.

Contact info for Slater officials:
Slater City Hall, 232 N. Main St., Slater, MO 65349
Ph: 660.529.2271
Fax: 660.529.2593

Slater animal debate continues

Monday, December 5, 2011
Marshall Democrat-News

[…]The meeting continued the discussion from the previous hearing, which addressed breed-specific regulations as well as the definition of and proper punishment for vicious dogs.

Councilman Terry Jordan said he hoped the ordinance would automatically list pit bulls as vicious animals. This immediate qualification would allow Slater residents to own put bulls as long as preventative measures such as proper insurance and caging were obtained. […]

Councilman Harry Lightfoot recalled a conversation from the previous hearing, which acknowledged the strength of a pit bull’s jaw compared to other large dogs.

“If a pit bull bites, it can bite your arm off,” Lightfoot said. […]

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