Great Falls, MT: Resident asks for stronger animal ordinance, mentions BSL

A resident of Great Falls, MT, has asked the city commission for “mechanisms to hold the owners of pit bulls accountable.” The resident goes on to say that all dog owners should be responsible for controlling their dogs, and on that point we agree. (See full article here: )

Nothing official has been proposed at this time. Residents and locals of Great Falls may wish to join the dialogue about irresponsible dog ownership that is currently taking place in order to ensure that any solutions that the city commission proposes, if any, are breed-neutral, effective, and reasonable. The next city commission meeting is December 20 at 7:00 PM.

If you wish to correspond with commissioners, please be respectful and helpful, and offer reasonable nondiscriminatory solutions for their consideration. Contact forms for each city commissioner can be found here:

Thanks to Jo for the heads up!

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