Hazel Park, MI: New “pit bulls” banned

Hazel Park has had BSL for “pit bulls” for years. They have now passed an amendment that bans any new “pit bulls” from the city. Current “pit bulls” can stay, but only if they are registered with the city by Feb 1, 2012 (and of course, subject to the breed restrictions already in place).

Contact info for Hazel Park:
City Hall, 111 East Nine Mile Road, Hazel Park, Michigan 48030
Telephone (248) 546-4064
City clerk email: mgieralt@hazelpark.org

Hazel Park bans pit bulls

Exceptions for those already licensed or in vet/shelter care

By Andy Kozlowski, C & G Staff Writer
December 16, 2011

HAZEL PARK — As of Feb. 1, 2012, new pit bulls will be banned from Hazel Park.

Unless they are already licensed with the City Clerk’s office by that date, or are with a qualified shelter, rescue or vet, it will be illegal to “own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport or sell within the city any pit bull,” reads an animal control amendment passed by City Council last month. […]

Those who want to keep the pit bull they currently have need to make sure it’s registered with the City Clerk’s office by Feb. 1. They must apply for and receive an annual pit bull license before that time, and follow all safety regulations, such as keeping the dog in an enclosure with 6-foot fences and muzzling/leashing the dog while out walking. […]

Full article retrieved 12/21/11 from http://www.candgnews.com/news/hazel-park-bans-pit-bulls

2 responses to “Hazel Park, MI: New “pit bulls” banned

  1. That is the most unbeieveable thing I’ve ever heard in along time. It is NOT the dog it is the owners, the bred of American Staffshire Terriers also known as “PITT BULLS” are the most friendly, loving dogs I’ve ever had. He is friends with everyone he meets including other dogs! He is AWESOME with all 4 of my grandchildren!!! Again it’s not the bred it’s the owners!

  2. James VanDenBerg

    I agree! I live In the city of Newaygo Michigan there is a similer ordinace in place.