La Vista, NE update: Dog ordinance is not breed specific

We were very pleased to hear the outcome of last night’s La Vista, Nebraska, council meeting. The proposed dog ordinance is not breed-specific. The mayor says that the breed-neutral ordinance is better than BSL, and we fully agree.

La Vista council OKs dangerous dog ordinance


Published Wednesday December 21, 2011

The La Vista City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance to cope with potentially dangerous dogs and their owners.[…]

No breed of dog is singled out in the ordinance, unlike Council Bluffs’ ban on ownership of pit bulls.

“This ordinance — for not setting out after pit bulls — is a better ordinance,” said Mayor Doug Kindig. […]

Dogs, regardless of breed, can be classified as potentially dangerous only after an incident that leads to the intimidation, injury or attack on another animal or human. […]

However, not only dogs can be labeled potentially dangerous under the ordinance.

The Humane Society can declare an owner “reckless” if he or she receives three or more convictions from the city in a two-year period, which would bar the owner from owning or living with an animal. […]

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