Auburn, KY: City may lower insurance requirement (BSL)

Auburn, KY, has BSL that includes a requirement for “pit bull” owners to have $300,000 in liability insurance. This is one of the highest liability insurance requirements in the nation and has proven impossible for people to obtain. Consequently, Auburn is considering lowering the liability insurance requirement to $100,000.

Why not encourage Auburn to repeal its breed-specific law altogether?

Contact info for Auburn, KY
103 East Main Street, P.O. Box 465, Auburn, KY 42206
PH: (270) 542-4149
FX: (270) 542-4143
Auburn City Council meetings are held at Auburn City Hall on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00PM.

Auburn looks at lowering required insurance coverage for vicious dogs

by Chris Cooper Managing Editor

Owners of vicious dog breeds in the city of Auburn may have easier access to purchasing the required insurance coverage as specified in the city’s ordinance under registration of vicious dogs.

The city council entertained a request Monday, Dec. 12 by city police chief Ron Mills to amend the city’s current animal ordinance concerning vicious dogs. Mills asked to lower the requiring $300,000 worth of coverage down to $100,000 because it is impossible for dog owners to adhere to that request as there is no one who will supply that coverage. […]

Mills will bring the amendment to the city council in January and then it will have to have two readings before passage.

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