Trussville, AL update: Committee to make recommendations (BSL)

The mayor of Trussville says he will form a committee to recommend changes to the town’s animal ordinance. Trussville has been considering a breed ban as a possible solution to recent vicious dog incidents.

Remember, criticizing a proposed breed ban or BSL is only half of the battle. The mayor and city council perceive a problem, and they are trying to generate solutions. Please offer them solutions that are fair, effective, and breed-neutral. Show them how to solve their problem without the hassle, expense, and injustice of BSL.

Contact information for Trussville city officials
City Hall, 131 Main Street, P. O. Box 159, Trussville, Alabama 35173
Tel (205) 655-7478
Fax (205) 655-7487
Mayor Eugene (Gene) A. Melton,
Council members have not made public their email addresses (if they have one). Phone contact info can be found here:

Trussville reconsiders possible pit bull ban

Updated: Dec 28, 2011 4:22 PM CST
By Alan Collins

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) – Trussville wants more time to consider a ban on pit bulls. The city was considering an amendment to its animal control ordinance to ban pit bulls from locating in the future to the city.

Current dog owners would be grandfathered in under the proposal. But there are some complaints.[…]

Jacqueline Meyer, executive director of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society disagrees with the proposed ban.[…]

Mayor Melton says he plans to appoint a committee to come with recommendations in about 30 days.[…]

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