Plumsted, NJ: Animal control officer calls for BSL

Plumsted animal control officer John Klink (John Bilyk) says he will ask a judge for a court order mandating that “pit bull” owners put muzzles on their dogs. We’re not lawyers, but we’re pretty sure it’s not possible to get a court order that would do this. (Any lawyers out there who can chime in here?)

Also, New Jersey municipalities are prohibited from passing breed-specific ordinances—so Plumsted council can’t legally pass an ordinance to this effect either.

Nevertheless, we suggest that some respectful, educational dialogue with officials may be necessary in Plumsted, especially since the animal control officer seems to be ignorant about the state laws he is supposed to be enforcing.

You can reach Plumsted animal control officer John Klink (Bilyk), Mayor Ronald Dancer, and any other township official via the Township main phone number 609-758-2241 or Fax 609-758-0123.
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After attacks, official calls for muzzles for pit bulls in Plumsted

10:02 PM, Dec. 29, 2011
Written by Stephanie Loder | Staff Writer

PLUMSTED — Residents who own pit bulls and let them outside would be forced to muzzle their dogs if the township animal control officer has his way.[…]

“There have been too many bites,” said John Klink, who provides animal-control services for the township.

He said he was going to ask a judge for a court order mandating that residents with pit bulls muzzle the animals when they are outside.

The township has no ordinance regarding the restraining of pit bulls, he said. […]

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2 responses to “Plumsted, NJ: Animal control officer calls for BSL

  1. Court can’t do it. There has to be a case/controversy on which the judge can rule. If there were such a case involving a supposed pit bull, the court would also have to have some authority under which it could order this – but it wouldn’t. NJ state law is clear on the controlling law – New Jersey’s dangerous dog law (4:19-16 et seq.) – and the consequences for dogs and owners who come within law’s purview.