StopBSL Recap 2011

Happy New Year! Here are some of the stories and alerts StopBSL covered in 2011. It was a busy year. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in public dialogue, communicated with elected officials, spread the word about breed-specific proposals, and worked diligently to stop BSL! With your help and support, we’re looking forward to a successful 2012.

Rough count / overview:

  • BSL Repealed = 6
  • BSL Rejected = 34
  • BSL Proposals that Died Quietly = 17
  • Repeal Proposals that Did Not Pass = 8
  • New BSL Passed = 12
  • BSL Revised Slightly = 15

BSL Repealed

  1. Bay County, MI
  2. Overland, MO
  3. Cleveland, OH (although breed-specific state law still applies)
  4. Moses Lake, WA
  5. Vienna, WV
  6. Canada, BC, Cumberland

BSL Proposals Rejected

  1. Montgomery, AL – this news media-driven push for BSL ended with breed-neutral revisions to the dog ordinance
  2. Jasper, AL – the mayor requested a breed ban and a committee recommended BSL, but city council rejected the proposal and asked for a breed-neutral ordinance instead
  3. Haskell, AR – council proposed a breed ban, but a public hearing generated too much opposition for council to ignore
  4. Santa Clara County, CA – considered breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. The proposal was officially rejected in May 2011 after the Animal Advisory Committee recommended against it.
  5. Cypress, CA – considered breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter. The council rejected the idea in January 2011.
  6. Petaluma, CA – a committee considered and voted against breed-specific MSN
  7. Sonoma, CA – a councilmember wanted BSL, but the council decided against it
  8. Hayden, CO – a resident requested BSL, but council dropped the idea, probably due to state law prohibiting BSL
  9. Bristol, CT – confusing media coverage and unclear statements from a councilmember led to a massive public outcry against a possible breed ban. Council quickly backed off the idea.
  10. Lisbon, IA – council proposed a breed ban, then tabled it after public opposition
  11. Illinois HB 1080 – this statewide bill would have repealed the state law that prohibits municipalities from passing BSL. It died in committee.
  12. Morton, IL – a resident requested BSL for “dangerous breeds,” but the council introduced a breed-neutral ordinance in January 2011
  13. Gardner, KS – a councilmember asked for a breed ban, but the council voted against it
  14. Terrebonne Parish, LA – a councilmember suggested BSL, but the final revisions to their dog ordinance were breed-neutral
  15. Dartmouth, MA – the select board decided against BSL
  16. Charles County, MD – BSL was proposed, but after a work session and some heavy public outcry, the revised proposal was breed-neutral
  17. Michigan HB 4714 – the committee chair declined to hear a proposed statewide ban on “pit bulls,” so the proposal is basically dead
  18. Buchanan, MI – a resident requested BSL, but the council decided against passing any new laws
  19. Egelston Township, MI – the board proposed and ultimately rejected BSL
  20. Wyoming, MI – after a resident requested BSL, the police chief and city manager publicly stated that the city would not pursue BSL
  21. Fulton, MO – although a resident suggested BSL, the resulting proposed ordinance was breed-neutral
  22. Butte-Silver Bow, MT – a councilmember’s repeated submitted proposals for BSL were voted down by the rest of council
  23. Waxhaw, NC – the media reported a public call for a breed ban, but the ordinance introduced by council was breed-neutral
  24. Smithville, OH – the council dropped a breed ban after public outcry
  25. Oklahoma SB 362 – this statewide bill would have repealed the state law that prohibits municipalities from passing BSL. It died in committee.
  26. Aberdeen, SD – after starting out with a proposal to regulate “pit bulls,” council eventually passed a breed-neutral ordinance, and rejected two breed-specific amendments to that ordinance
  27. Madison, SD – although council initially considered BSL, the revised proposal was breed-neutral
  28. Taylorsville, UT – a very “pit bull”-focused council meeting and work session ended with the city stating publicly that they would not pursue a breed ban
  29. Friday Harbor, WA – after a resident requested BSL, council voted against the proposal in a narrow vote of 3-2
  30. Vancouver, WA – what started as a “pit bull” ban eventually become breed-neutral
  31. West Virginia HB 3080 – this statewide bill was poorly written and would have both prohibited BSL and declared all “pit bulls” to be dangerous dogs. It died in committee.
  32. Marinette, WI – the council proposed a breed ban, did more research, discussed, and ultimately decided against a ban
  33. Canada, BC, Port Moody – the council declined to propose BSL despite resident’s request
  34. Canada, MB, Springfield – ban discussed by residents, but rejected by council

BSL Proposals that Fizzled Out

These proposals for BSL lost steam after a while. In most cases, officials just stopped talking about it. We don’t believe any of these proposals passed.

  1. Ventura County, CA – the animal shelter director’s proposal for breed-specific MSN never gained traction with county commissioners
  2. Hamden, CT – after some residents asked for a breed ban, city officials said they would look into it, but the city never discussed it again
  3. Savannah, GA – a resident started a petition for BSL and the news media went crazy, but city council never took up the issue
  4. Elkader, IA – BSL was briefly considered, but the city eventually stopped talking about animal ordinance revisions altogether
  5. Glidden, IA – a resident asked the city to consider BSL
  6. Hopkinton, IA – after a fatal attack by a Rottweiler, the mayor suggested banning Rottweilers (“pit bulls” are already banned, for all the good it did), but in the end, the council decided against it
  7. Marshalltown, IA – a resident asked the city to reinstate a breed ban, but so far it appears the city isn’t interested
  8. Mission Hills, KS – already had BSL for “pit bulls” and intended to add Rottweilers, but later decided against the idea
  9. New Bedford, MA – although a councilmember continues to push for BSL, the proposal seems to be going nowhere
  10. Ecorse, MI – although the city reported having trouble enforcing their “pit bull” ban, and said it was thinking about loosening the ban, nothing seems to have come of the idea
  11. Ellenville, NY – although the council wanted to pass BSL, the city attorney advised that BSL was not allowed in New York
  12. Shelby, NC – a councilmember suggested BSL, but the city did not discuss the issue again
  13. Union County, NC – a county commissioner called for BSL, but no further action seems to have been taken
  14. Bristol Borough, PA – although a councilmember pushed for BSL and council was considering it, the proposal quietly died
  15. Springfield, TN – council intended to add to their current BSL, but later tabled the idea
  16. Cornell, WI – dog ordinance discussions included debate for and against BSL, but in the end, no ordinance was drawn up
  17. Waukesha, WI – an alderman suggested BSL, but the city never moved forward with the idea

BSL Repeals that Failed to Pass

Sadly, these proposals to repeal BSL did not survive.

  1. Idaho S1143 – bill would have made it illegal for municipalities to pass BSL. Made it through the state Senate but missed a deadline in the House and died.
  2. Preston, ID – city council voted against repeal of BSL
  3. Nevada AB324 – this bill would have prohibited muncipalities from passing BSL, but the bill died
  4. Kearney, MO – despite a resident’s request to repeal the city’s breed ban, the city council voted against repeal
  5. Springfield, MO – the city considered a repeal of BSL, but the idea did not gain traction
  6. Ohio HB 25 – an early draft repealed statewide BSL, but a later draft did not (but that’s okay, because HB 14 is still in action)
  7. Oacoma, SD – declined to repeal breed ban
  8. Canada, BC, Castlegar – city briefly considered repeal of BSL

New BSL Passed

  1. Air Force base housing – breed ban passed
  2. Barstow, CA – breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter passed
  3. Fontana, CA – breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter passed
  4. Franklin, KY – breed-specific restrictions passed
  5. Patterson, LA – breed-specific restrictions passed
  6. Lowell, MA – breed-specific restrictions passed
  7. Saginaw, MI – breed-specific restrictions passed
  8. Webb City, MO – breed ban passed
  9. Union, MS – breed ban passed
  10. Kenton, TN – breed-specific restrictions passed
  11. China, Shanghai – long list of breeds banned
  12. Malaysia, Subang Jaya – breed ban passed

BSL Revised (Still BSL)

  1. Lake City, AR – breeds added to breed ban
  2. Trumann, AR – moved from BSL to breed ban
  3. Aurora, CO – repealed BSL for all restricted breeds except “pit bulls”
  4. College Park, GA – revised breed-specific restrictions
  5. Seward County, KS – repealed a breed ban, then passed breed restrictions
  6. Hazel Park, MI – added breed ban on new “pit bulls” to current BSL
  7. Camdenton, MO – city removed the grandfather clause from breed ban
  8. Greenville, MS – passed stricter BSL
  9. New Albany, MS – added breed ban on new “pit bulls” to current BSL
  10. Oakwood, OH – created a new vicious dog ordinance that uses state law to define “vicious dog”
  11. Xenia, OH – breeds added to BSL. Language also appears to create a breed ban.
  12. Australia – several states in Australia have instituted stricter BSL that amounts to a breed ban
  13. Canada, BC, Ladysmith – city added Canine Good Citizen exemption to BSL
  14. Denmark – 12 breeds added to “watchlist” to be potentially added to breed ban
  15. New Zealand – Presa Canario added to import ban list of breeds

Still on the Watchlist

These are some of the issues we will be monitoring into 2012.

  1. Trussville, AL – breed ban proposed
  2. Florida HB 997 / SB 1322 – would repeal BSL in Miami-Dade County (and anywhere else it has been grandfathered in)
  3. Fairburn, GA – council discussion about possible breed ban
  4. Hinesville, GA – council to “look into” BSL after resident request
  5. Donnellson, IA – council considering breed ban
  6. Mason City, IA – suggested breed ban
  7. Hobart, IN – councilwoman suggested fee to own “dangerous breeds”
  8. Waterville, ME – police chief says he will draft BSL (would violate state law)
  9. Lake Saint Louis, MO – ordinance rewording would allow ACO to consider breed when determining dangerous dog
  10. Slater, MO – council considering BSL
  11. Wentzville, MO – resident group requesting repeal of BSL
  12. Tupelo, MS – may add breeds to current “pit bull” BSL
  13. Ohio HB 14 – would repeal state-level BSL
  14. Parma, OH – citizens request repeal of breed ban (but it doesn’t seem to have gained traction in council)
  15. Chippewa Falls, WI – some talk about BSL (though it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere)
  16. Canada, Ontario – bill would repeal breed ban
  17. U.K. – bill would repeal nationwide BSL

Unknown Outcomes

These are open cities, states, or countries that we are unable to monitor or determine what came of the proposal. If you have any updates for these, please send us an email at

  1. Porterdale, GA – news reported that council would discuss BSL or a breed ban during a work session
  2. Merrillville, IN – the city was considering adding “Staffordshire Terrier” to definition of “pit bull”
  3. Junction City, KY – the police chief reported that residents were asking for a breed ban
  4. Ridgely, MD – the city was considering adding breeds and restrictions to its current BSL Outcome established (see city link)
  5. Burton, MI – the city was going to consider Saginaw’s BSL as a possible model for their own dog ordinance
  6. Manton, MI – news reported breed ban in the works
  7. Canada, AB, Grande Prairie – news reported possible repeal of BSL
  8. Canada, AB, Wetaskiwin – news reported resident requesting BSL
  9. Canada, MB, Winnipeg – citizen group was working to repeal BSL
  10. Canada, NS, Halifax – councillor called for BSL or breed ban
  11. Canada, NS, Yarmouth – BSL proposed
  12. Canada, QC, Montreal, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough – Mayor suggests BSL or breed ban
  13. Canada, QC, Montreal, Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles borough – Borough plans to muzzle “pit bulls”
  14. Lithuania – government drafting breed ban
  15. Norway – Govt officials discuss possible repeal of BSL
  16. Trinidad and Tobago – BSL already in place; govt intends to revise

3 responses to “StopBSL Recap 2011

  1. We have time, continue to fight against BSL. Happy New Year.

  2. LouAnn Stokes

    I am guessing that BSL means breed specific laws. BSL makes people look and sound so stupid. At a cluster show in Louisville my friend and I noticed a display with a lot of Polaroids. The question was “Which dog is a Pit Bull? My friend and I studied the Polaroids. She made her pick and I made mine. You lifed a card that revealed the answer. The answer were none of them/ The dogs photographed were several South American breeds that looked like Pit Bulls. I can just see local yokels trying to use that poster and photos to prove a dog is a Pit Bill only to embaress themselves. To prive a dog is 100% American Stafforshire Terrier it takes a DNA test and those are not free. Forget papers from the AKC. People can lie on those papers.

  3. meranda godfrey

    Well I live in Niagara wisconsin which I regret and have regretted for the last 3 years since buying my home here. My son has battled cancer for 6 years and has a companion dog which is medically neccessary and the city determined last night that my son has to get rid of his dog. I always thought there was laws to protect people with disabilities but I guess in this city they can do whatever they want. My son’s dog is not vicious, doesn’t growl or snap. She is very quiet and affectionate!! People have the wrong impression of these loving animals and forget what they were originally used for in our history because of people that choose to force them to fight!