Dawson, GA: City may consider BSL, Jan 12

Thanks to Jodi for finding this!

A (somewhat unclear) news article has reported that not only did Terrell County, GA, commissioners agree to examine a possible breed ban in February, but this week (Jan 12) the city of Dawson will also consider what sounds like BSL.

[Dawson] city manager, Barney Parnacott says the city commission will meet January 12 and discuss harsher guidelines, such as keeping the dogs inside an enclosure, keeping them leashed anytime they are out of the enclosure as well as keeping them muzzled while on a leash.

The words “the dogs” seems to refer to “pit bulls.” The article author also closes the article with the sentence “Similar laws have been passed in Atlanta. DeKalb County (laws apply in Atlanta) has a ban on “pit bulls” that is bizarrely achieved through a zoning ordinance. Although the article does not say so directly, we assume Dawson will be singling out “pit bulls” in their discussions.

I do not know if Dawson or Terrell County already have BSL. The county and the city are both extremely rural and do not have official government websites, nor do they post agendas or email addresses, making it very difficult for me to track this issue. I would appreciate assistance from a local.

Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the City of Dawson’s Commmissioners’ Meeting on January 12 to guide commissioners away from any potential breed-specific ordinance.

101 S. Main Street, Dawson, Georgia 39842
Phone:(229) 995-4444
Fax: (229) 995-3713

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