Ohio HB 14 moves forward; next step, vote by full Senate

Edit 1/31/12: You are viewing an old post; HB 14 has advanced. View all alerts for HB 14: http://stopbsl.com/?s=ohio+hb+14

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave HB 14 a “thumbs up” today by voting it out of committee. This is a major hurdle cleared. Next up, the bill must be voted on by the full Senate. Although a vote date is not yet set, it could be as early as next week!

If you live in Ohio, please contact your own Ohio state senator now and tell him or her that you support HB 14 and you want them to do the same! Find your senator here: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/index.cfm

You may also wish to ask the Senate President, Thomas Neihaus (SD14@senate.state.oh.us), to bring HB 14 to the floor for a vote.

Continued communication with Ohio Senators will ensure that the bill does not become forgotten, stall out, and die. It’s critical to keep the momentum going at this stage, because this is not a done deal yet.

This is taking forever. Where ARE we in the process?

Because the bill was amended slightly in the Senate Judiciary Committee, if HB 14 is approved by the Senate, the bill must go back to the House (either the full House, or a House Conference Committee) for another vote. And after that, to the governor for approval.

Here is an overview of HB 14’s past and (hopefully) future.
1. HB 14 was introduced. DONE.
2. HB 14 was approved by a House committee. DONE.
3. HB 14 was passed by the House. DONE.
4. HB 14 was sent to the Senate. DONE
5. HB 14 was passed by a Senate committee. DONE TODAY.
6. HB 14 still needs to be passed by the Senate.
7. HB 14 still needs to be passed by the House or a House committee.
8. HB 14 still needs to be signed by the governor.
9. HB 14 will become law and Ohio’s statewide BSL will be repealed.

What is HB 14?

HB 14 is a comprehensive dog control bill that would repeal Ohio’s statewide BSL. HB 14 has gotten further in the process than similar attempts in previous years, and has the support of the Ohio Dog Wardens Association, so we have high hopes for its success. HB 14 passed the House in June.

The full text of HB 14 as reported from the House can be read here: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_HB_14

What does HB 14 mean for Ohio?

Ohio state law currently declares ALL “pit bulls” to be “vicious dogs,” without exception. The state imposes restrictions on keeping vicious dogs/”pit bulls,” such as liability insurance and special containment rules. HB 14 revises Ohio’s current dangerous/vicious dog law significantly. It also removes the “pit bull” from automatic “vicious dog” designation.

Ohio’s state-level dog laws apply throughout the entire state, even in counties, cities, and towns. Some Ohio cities and towns do not have dog laws, and only enforce state-level laws. In cases where a city or town regulates its dogs via state dog laws, those municipalities’ laws will change along with the state’s law if HB 14 passes.

However, many counties and cities within the state have their own set of dog ordinances in their municipal code. Those laws will not change if HB 14 passes. HB 14 does not require counties or municipalities to change their laws.

Therefore, most cities and towns with dog laws that are breed-specific will still have BSL even if HB 14 passes. Because many cities and towns copied the breed-specific state law when writing their own dog laws, we expect Ohio to have a higher-than-average concentration of municipalities with BSL for some time. It will take time and individual attention to get BSL repealed in each of these municipalities.

Please be aware that HB 14 does not mean the end of BSL in Ohio—especially if you are moving into or traveling in the state with your pet dogs. HB 14 is a VERY positive step forward for Ohio, but there is much work yet to be done.

7 responses to “Ohio HB 14 moves forward; next step, vote by full Senate

  1. I heard from a Facebook group that HB14 passed the Senate and is now on it’s way to the Governor… Is this false? I hope not :( I want this bill passed NOW…

    • Unfortunately, the group that posted that info was a bit premature (I saw the post too, and quite a few of us have asked the originator to correct the post, but they have not, and it’s been shared all over, and…). HB 14 has NOT been voted on by the Senate yet. Although we’d like to celebrate too, it’s not time to do that yet. There are still several places in the process where HB 14 can be killed. We’re especially concerned because, if people think it’s already a done deal, they’ll turn their attention to other issues, and HB 14 will languish and die without public support at its current stage.

  2. =( GAHHHH, must fix my FB status then! >.< Thank you for the quick reply! I'm so grateful that HB 14 wasn't lost because of the New Year–this Bill passing is a Resolution I want accomplished so badly this year.

    • I don’t quite understand the passing of this bill would remove the ban against pitbulls?

    • Ohio does not have a statewide ban on pit bulls. That is a common misunderstanding of the law. Ohio automatically puts all “pit bulls” into the “vicious dog” category. Ownership of vicious dogs in Ohio (currently including all “pit bulls”) is not prohibited, but ownership of vicious dogs comes with special restrictions and regulations, such as special liability insurance and special containment requirements, at a state level. HB 14 removes “pit bulls” from the vicious dog category at a state level; ownership of “pit bulls” will no longer be subject to special restrictions at a state level.

      However, local laws will remain in place. If you are talking about a locally-imposed ban on pit bulls, then this bill will not remove that ban. Local laws will continue to apply.

  3. Melantha Remington

    The only people who get punished during BSL are the owners who can control their dogs. Those are the people who suffer not the idiots who allow their toy dogs to drag them around. BSL effects the training and socialization of the target dogs and it effects the legitimate breeders of the target dogs as well. I believe it should be mandatory to spay and neuter any dogs(or cats) that are not breeding or show quality animals. Laws should be in place to severly punish backyard breeders, animal abusers and dog fighters, dog fighters should not be allowed to own any type of animal, animal abusers should not be allowed to own any type of animal and backyard breeders can only own altered animals. People who own dogs with a bite/attack record no matter what breed should be required to carry liability insurance, muzzle their dogs in public and place dangerous dog signs on their property. The Pro-BSL crowd calim they want to stop dog bites but they only go after one of a few other breeds. Dogs continue to bite and attack even after BSL is passed but the Pro-BSL crowd calls that a victory because most of the breeds not biting are the target breeds. People need to push for Non-Breed Specific Legislation (or NBSL) instead of laws that deem a dog based on breed as dangerous. A dangerous dog is a dog that have either been abused, poorly bred, un-socialized or in anyway neglected by it owners. For every Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Wolfdog, Doberman, German Shepherd and Mastiffs that attacks or kills there are dogs of those breeds that have done nothing wrong or will not do anything wrong. For every Lab, Chihuahua, Poodle and Yorkie that attacks or kills there are dogs of those breeds that have done nothing wrong and will do nothing wrong. This is coming from someone who got cussed out by several Craven Desires followers and the onwer of the blog because I said I was going to adopt a Pit Bull. Well I adopted her and she’s a sweet heart, she’s not aggressive but she is protective of my Min Pins around strange large dogs and she has never met a person she didn’t like. Now how did all this come about? I adopted a Pit Bull that was tested and proven to be good around Cats, Dogs and Children and I planned carefully before I decided to go out and adopt. Chloe is the best dog I have ever owned and is part of my favorite dog group: The Molosser dogs. I plan on getting a female Rottweiler puppy(from a legitimate breeder of course) before the end of this year of next year. In the meantime I going to continue being the responsible owner of Chloe the APBT, Hannibal and Tsunami the two Miniature Pinschers. I hope one day I can open a rescue and boarding center that accepts only the dog breeds that are often turned away from other boarders and are the first be put down by most rescues. I also want to pursue an equestrian career and plan to form balance between saving canines and competiting with and saving equines as well lol. Please continue the good work and do not lose hope.

    Peace out,

    Melantha Remington the 16 going on 17 Proud Pit Bull owner.


    Melantha Remington is a fake name I use sometimes on the internet for personal security and to keep the Anti-Pit crowd off my back.